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LED light diffusion PP material

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LED light diffusion PP material

Key Features

LED light diffusion PP material

The light diffusion PP material LED lampshade saves energy and reduces carbon.

Feature description:

1. PP light-diffusing flame-retardant material, injection molding, blow molding, blister molding, completely replace expensive PC materials.

2. THINGWELL ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. provides PP light diffusion to produce LED lampshade materials, which can reduce a lot of costs for you. Excellent blue bottom light transmittance, anti-yellowing test pass rate for more than two years, accelerated aging test pass rate reaches 500 hours .

3. The new base light diffusion PP material promotes green safety The new illuminating light diffusion plate is a diffusion layer of light passing through a plastic substrate, When it encounters a medium (diffusion particle) with a different refractive index, it will undergo multi-angle and multi-directional refraction, reflection and scattering, so that The point light source achieves the light diffusion effect, providing a more uniform and comfortable light effect for the lighting fixture.

4. At present, the mainstream diffuser materials on the market include PMMA,PC, PET, etc.

5. THINGWELL Co., Ltd. developed a new type of light diffusion PP material. Under the premise of ensuring the light diffusion effect and light transmittance (85%), the light-diffusing PP material has a lighter density of 0.90 (PC density 1.2, PMMA density 1.19) compared to PMMA and PC materials on the market.

6. PP 100% can Recycling, non-toxic (PP is a safe resin material widely used in food containers and other products) Because PP material is a halogen-free product, it does not produce toxic gas when burned, Therefore, it is safer for lighting products.

Moisture-proof paper bag 25KG/packing

ThingWell Enterprise Co., Ltd. reserves the right to modify appearance, specification, material without notice in advance, all above mentioned information are just for reference only    

Payment Details for Offline Orders

  • Payment Terms : TT ,L/C
  • Minimum Order : 1 Ton/ Tons

Last Update : 2021-01-06
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