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LED Fishing Light

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Professional LED Underwater Fishing Light


  • Light Source : Energy Saving / Flourescent,Induction Lamps,LED

Key Features

LED Fishing Light has Instant start and stop feature: can adjust the start and stop of the light with the variety of the fish school to increase the number of operation. If you are interested, contact us via email to order!

▍Product Description

The current nano coatings are made of diamond particles, 3000 degree high temperature magma extracts and other special materials etc., and used by the company. And using advanced nanotechnology to synthesize them into an aqueous solution state and apply them to the surface of the material to enhance the characteristics of the material surface. The nano coatings have nine characteristics such as ultra-thinness, high hardness, high adhesion, acid and alkali resistance, ultra-high temperature resistance, optical insulation, high insulation, and natural quick-drying. They can be applied to the outdoor waterproof requirements of various products. In addition to simplifying the waterproof structure design of outer/shell, and greatly improving outdoor weather resistance, and improving heat dissipation efficiency, this can greatly reduce the cost of products and enhance market competitiveness.
     In addition to nano-coatings, we also integrate special-shaped electronic circuit printing technology and develop its technology into glass LED light panels. With these special materials and related technologies, we can develop products that can be used in special environments, such as: electrical power cable can be connected in water, 100-meter-depth attracting fish lamp, high-end LED elevated floodlight, the ultra-low-cost street light... etc.

attracting fish lamps are the most important fishing aids in light-trapping squid fishing operations and saury and sardine fishing operations. According to the shining and installation positions, they can be divided into two types: water lights and underwater lights.
The water attracting fish light has a wide range of trapping, while the underwater attracting fish light has the characteristics of penetrating deep into the water layer.

1. Waterproof: the patented design of the LED glass lamp panel, the LED chip and circuit are protected by transparent tempered glass, which can be used directly in seawater. The glass itself can resist the erosion of acid, alkali and salt. The LED glass lamp panel is used in sea water for a long time and no entering water to cause damage.

2. Corrosion resistance: The lamp body is made of light and corrosion-resistant polymeric materials, such as engineering plastics, so it will not cause corrosion damage to the lamp body when used for a long time in water.

3. Light weight: the lamp body is made of light and corrosion-resistant polymer materials, such as engineering plastics, and because the interior of the lamp adopts an open design, no complicated waterproof structure and heat dissipation structure are required, so the weight of the whole set of lamps is less than 3Kg .

4. Good heat dissipation efficiency: the product light source adopts the patented LED glass light panel, each set of LED glass light panel can be directly used in sea water, so when used in sea water, the LED light board will be completely covered by sea water. A large amount of sea water quickly cools down the heat when the LED is on.

5. High-efficient light utilization: light source of the product adopts patented LED glass lamp panel. Because the glass material is a material with high transmission, when the light source module panel is used, it can shine light on two sides, so the luminous usage rate is double of general LED light panel, which means that under the same luminous quantity, the power consumption of the LED glass light panel is only 50%, which can make the LED underwater fish light more energy-saving.

6. Convenient maintenance: The overall structure of the lamp is an open slot design, and the light source adopts LED glass light panels. Each LED glass light panel is an independent module. If any light panel is damaged, it can be easily replaced, which greatly improves maintenance efficiency and reduces maintenance costs; on the other hand, general LED fish lights on the market are damaged, they must be replaced as a whole set so its maintenance costs are very high.

7. Low price: Because the whole set of lamps adopts a unique patented design, material and assembly costs are greatly reduced, so that the market price of the whole set of lamps is about 50% of the current market price.

Compared with traditional fishing lights, LED fishing lights have five major features:
  1. Instant start and stop feature: can adjust the start and stop of the light with the variety of the fish school to increase the number of operation
  2. Energy-saving and power-saving: Compared with the performance of traditional high-intensity gas discharge lamps (High Intensive Discharge, HID), replacing LED lamps can reduce power consumption by 80% and fuel consumption by 40%.
  3. Improvement of working environment: reduce the damage of ultraviolet light to the human body, lower the temperature of the deck, greatly reduce the probability of fire, the load and noise of the generator
  4. Improvement of use of cabin space: no need for large generators and reduce oil tank space
  5. Long service life up to 3~5 years

Last Update : 2020-08-04
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