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LCD Display Module-Sunlight Readable&IPS TFT

Model No.
Sunlight Readable&IPS TFT Module
Request for Quotation

Sunlight Readable

Key Features

TV P/N Size
Resolution Outline Size
A.A.(mm) Brightness
interface PINs Remarks
TVT0200B-H 2.00 176xRGBx220 38.03×51.65 31.68x39.6 500 CPU 35pin 0.3mm ZIF Hig...
TVT0220A-I 2.20 240xRGBx320 40.1×55.2 33.84×45.12 230 CPU 39pin soldering IPS
TVT0283S1-T 2.83 240xRGBx320 50.0x69.2 43.2x57.6 124 CPU/RGB/SPI 47pin soldering Tra...  
TVT0283ST-02T 2.83 240xRGBx320 50.0x69.2 43.2x57.6 100 CPU/RGB/SPI 51pin 0.3mm ZIF Tra...  
TVT0300C-T 3.00 240xRGBx400 47.28x76.4 38.88x64.8 130 CPU/RGB/SPI 45pin 0.5mmZIF Tra...  
TVT0320B-T 3.20 240xRGBx320 57.54x79.2 48.6x64.8 90 CPU/RGB/SPI 40pin 0.5mmZIF Tra...  
TVT0350B-HP 3.50 320xRGBx240 76.9x63.9 70.08x52.56 650 RGB/SPI 54pin 0.5mmZIF Hig...  
TVT0350B1-H 3.50 320xRGBx240 76.9x63.9 70.08x52.56 800 RGB/SPI 54pin 0.5mmZIF Hig...  
TVT0350G2-T 3.50 240xRGBX320 85x64 71.52x53.64 100 RGB/SPI 50pin connector Tra...  
TVT0350G-TP 3.50 240xRGBx320 64.0x85.0 53.64x71.52 90 RGB/SPI 60pin connecter Tra...  
TVT0350M-TP 3.50 480xRGBx640 63.5x85.5 53.57x71.42 123 RGB 39pin 0.3mmZIF Tra...  
TVT0400B-I 4.00 480×RGB×800 57.14×96.85 51.84×86.4 200 RGB/SPI 45pin 0.3mm ZIF IPS  
TVT0400C-I 4.00 480xRGBx800 56.34x95.7 51.84x86.4 350 RGB 45pin connecter IPS  
TVT0430E-HP 4.30 480xRGBx272 105.5x67.2 95.04x53.856 800 RGB 40pin 0.5mmZIF Hig...  
TVT0430E1-H 4.30 480xRGBx272 105.5x67.2 95.04x83.856 1000 RGB 40pin 0.5mmZIF Hig...  
TVT0430F-I 4.30 480xRGBx800 62.46x105.9 56.16×93.6 320 RGB/SPI 45pin 0.3mmZIF IPS  
TVT0570M-HP 5.70 320xRGBx240 144.0x104.6 115.2x86.4 1000 CPU 20pin connecter Hig...  
TVT0570N-H 5.70 320xRGBx240 144.0x104.6 115.2x86.4 1200 RGB 33pin connecter Hig...  

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Last Update : 2017-11-10
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