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Induction, password, machinery, method of three-in-one security warning lock

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Key Features

Electro-mechanical transformation function:

This product has the electronic lock which the mechanical and electrical extension merit trades, when electronic lock normal state, can only use the chip to induce the card or the password unblanking. The mechanical lock is at the idle operation condition, loses the unblanking function to guarantee the electronic lock the security. But the electronic lock occurs when the breakdown and is unable opening, the electro-mechanical transformation function immediately restores the emergency unblanking function. Between this function thorough settlement electronic lock security and the reliability could not give dual attention significant contradiction.

The security is extremely high:  

The electronic lock opens the door the chip password induction card to use 64 element whole world only code chip which American ATMAL Corporation produces, is unable to decode. When the key loses, may momentarily cancel this card the right of use, does not need to trade the lock


The electronic lock opens the door only needs the induction card before to locking the body kneading board to rock then opens the door, goes out no longer brings many keys

The urgent unblanking escapes the function:

When master when the home meets the sudden outbreak escapes urgently needed, does not need to look for the key. So long as according to locks the hand, can with ease open the gate, the first time is separated from the dangerous situation

Unique design idea, door lock linkage alarm system:

The electronic lock and the alarm system linkage, the automatic fortification withdraws from a defended position, when the thief wants to wrench open a gate, locks in vivo the sensor then to be able to distinguish. Launches the wireless warning signal to give the main engine. The warning main engine starts scene treble alarm signal to frighten immediately anti-, and dials automatically telephones the long-distance warning.

Illegal unblanking warning:  

When the electronic lock can open normally, if some people think the illegal unblanking, this time the machinery emergency lock core is at the idle operation condition to be unable to unlock, but will lock the body electronic installation immediately to the main engine transmission alarm. The warning main engine starts scene treble alarm signal to frighten immediately anti-, and dials automatically telephones the long-distance warning.

Province electric work energy, low pressure warning:   This lock uses 5 alkaline battery 4 power supplies, can unlock above normally one year. When the battery is lower than the normal voltage, each time unlocks, has the acousto-optic prompt. But this time still could open the door above 500 times.

Last Update : 2015-06-26
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