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Hydraulic Clamping Injection Molding Machine, Plastic Processing Machinery

Model No.
DHT Series (SJ-100DHT)
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Direct clamping system no wear out toggle


  • Plastic Type : Thermoplastic,Thermosetting
  • Style : Horizontal
  • Type : Preform Injection,Tube Head Injection,Tube Shoulder Injection

Key Features


Shuenn Jaan has devoted in horizontal injection machine industry for more than 40years. As a leading plastic injection machine supplier in Taiwan, we pay much attention on customer satisfaction and keep providing high quality products and competitive price to them. Hydraulic clamping injection machine is also our main product, superior quality is guaranteed.

Direct hydraulic clamping injection molding machines are designed without toggle mechanisms that enable to avoid the toggle wear. This model can increase the position accuracy and is good for high technology and high precision plastic products.


The centralized clamping forces on molding make it maintain the original shape and raise the product precision and steadiness.
Safe and low-pressure mold protection that prevent molds from damaging. The big width between tie bar design can contain large-sized molds.
The properly placed and uniquely designed clamping oil tank with high speed oil-supplying valve can applies oil to the clamping cylinder at a very high speed, allowing a very fast cycle and high stability.
Electrically, hydraulically and mechanically controlled equipment assures multi safety.
The tie bars are made of NH48MV alloy steel imported from Japan. Their stress-eliminating design and machining strengthens the tie-bars rigidity without worry about the possibility of breakage after long-time use.

Wear-proof supporting rollers with height-adjustable eccentric shaft help move the mold smoothly for minimum friction and wear on the sliding band.

Steady, reliable P.I.D. temperature control ensures high-quality and efficiency of plastic products. Material and changing color are completed by automatic material purging function. Dual loop controlled system can feed materials and open molds at the same time.
Steady pressure feedback detecting system
Precise injection hydraulic unit and closed loop system is available.
Individual power and control system enhance steadiness and duration.
Double high speed clamping cylinder, so even clamping force is transferred to the entire mold and thus precise molding can be easily done.
Hydraulic clamping system can get precise clamping force. Multi-phase controlled clamping pressure and multi-functional injection and holding are also built in.
The finite element analysis of mold platen enhances platen strength and raises duration.
Radial piston type hydraulic motor features high steadiness and torque output, high rotation speed and can shorten the melting time for engineering plastics.
With computerized thread grinding machine, the screw is grinded precisely.
The screw is durable from special process of ion and nitrogen treatment.
The unique copper alloy bushings imbedded securely in the moving platens and clamping cylinder improve the performance and precision of tie-bars and clamping ram, resulting in long service life and high dependability.

The robust square steel pipe is mainly welded to construct the machine bed, featuring the optimum alignment between the clamping and injection units and reducing the vibration and noise during operation.
The double displacement pumps can save energy, raise the efficiency, increase the melting rate and shorten the cycle time, suitable for any kind of precision molding.

New Japanese-made controller with color LCD display screen which can connect to computer to carry out centralized management and monitoring.

DHT-C full-closed loop models equipped with MOOG D660 series servo-proportional flow control valves have been proven to provide reliable control of pressure and speed of injection program, reducing energy consumption, with excellent static and dynamic response, resulting in superior control system performance of this model.
Injection unit with self-lubricant copper shoes sliding on the non-deformation carriage ensures the parallel and linear precision of the screw and the barrel.

DHT-A accumulator model can speed up the injection rate and save energy consumption without enlarging the motor and pump, suitable for thin-walled parts and any precision molding.


Injection Unit
Screw Diametermm283235
Theoretical Injection Volumecm386112134
Shot Weight (P.S.)g7395113
Plasticizing Capacity (P.S.)kg/hr253338
Injection Ratecm3/sec98127153
Injection Pressurekg/cm2306023451960
Screw Speedrpm0 ~ 330
Clamping Unit
Clamping Forceton100
Opening Strokemm520
Mold Thickness (Min-Max)mm180
Platen Size(H × V)mm610 × 610
Distance between Tie Bars(H × V)mm390 × 390
Ejector Forceton3.3
Ejector Strokemm100
Electrical Equipment
Pump MotorHP25
Heat Zonesset4
Heater CapacityKW5.2
Machine Dimensionm3.7 × 1.0 × 2.0
Machine Net Weight (L x W x H)ton3.3
System Pressurekg/cm2175
Specifications and accessories are subject to change without prior notice .

We offer

CNT Series (Plastic Injection Molding Machine)
E Series (Plastic Injection Molding Machine)
DHT Series (Hydraulic Clamping Injection Molding Machine)
DNT Series (Dual Color Injection Molding Machine)
ES-220 (Control System of Plastic Injection Molding Machine)
ES-250 (Control System of Plastic Injection Molding Machine)
ES-600 (Control System of Plastic Injection Molding Machine)
ES-650 (Control System of Plastic Injection Molding Machine)

Product Certification


    Hydraulic plastic injecton molding machine

Last Update : 2020-02-27
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