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HKE Long-Acting Hexagonal Water Generator (Application Product)

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HKE Long-Acting Hexagonal Water- Exclusive technology applied to all water-related industries

Key Features

The main body and seamless coiled pipe of the HKE Long-Acting Hexagonal Water Generator are made by stainless steel 316L, medical grad. Thanks to its high metal density and stable, stainless has the strongest resonance effect after several experiments. The length of the seamless coiled pipe is 6 meters travel. Between the inner body and seamless coiled pipe are full of HKE energy fluid which is designed to crack macromolecule cluster water to small molecule cluster water or structured water. When water is run through 6 meters coiled pipe, hexagonal water or structured water is produced.

The HKE energy fluid influenced by the far-infrared emissivity of the sun and the gravity of the earth's rotating magnetic field creates constant physical resonance. Under the effect of this resonance, the molecules are miniaturized. HKE energy fluid induces the hydrogen bond break between water molecules and destroys Van der Waals Force, thereby maintaining the water molecule clusters in a smaller form. The product does not need to be powered, heated, condensed, gasified or added any additives during the whole process.
HKE technology creates constant physical resonance and crack macromolecule cluster water to small molecule cluster water or hexagonal water. The hexagonal water can carry nutrients and oxygen rapidly through the water channel on the cell membrane into nucleus and DNA. Mr. Otto Val Bo, Nobel Prize in medicine awarded in 1931, found the main cause of cancer is cell hypoxia.

Hexagonal water is high penetration, diffusion force, solubility, high oxygen content and alkaline activated water. After drinking hexagonal water for few hours, red blood cells separated from each other, full of activity, the oxygen into the body each organ under the microscope, thanks to its high dissolved oxygen and high penetration. The body absorbs the water easier, and the digestion and excretion systems function more efficiently.

Exclusive technology applied to bottled water industries

Drinking water industry through its infancy has truly mature. The market began to be subdivided. hexagonal water or small molecule water is one of the good examples. Water nutrition experts point out that the hexagonal water is more easily absorbed by the body because of its smaller molecular clusters. It is even better known as "water for cells". Not only can it help transport nutrients, eliminate waste and toxins deposited inside or outside the body's organs, but also can help exchange information between cells, maintain normal operations between cells and organs, and delay the decline and aging of the body. International Natural Medicine Association experts measured water in the world’s longevity village by using oxygen-17 nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) half-width detection method. They found that the water molecule clusters in longevity village are less than 90Hz, indicating the water is small molecule cluster water.

The hexagonal water may be one of good business opportunities for calm tedious bottle water industry. By using HKE technology, the water is small molecule cluster water (NMR @ at 60Hz) and will not degenerate to large molecule cluster water. We are welcome all water-related industries working with us.

Mechanical Specification
316L Stainless, Medical grade
Coiled Pipe
6M seamless coiled pipe, Ø 0.5” , 316L
Maximum Flow Rate
Inner Pipe Capacity
Initial Flow Rate
3 seconds
Height (including feet)
530 mm
Diameter (Outer)
102 mm
13.6 kgs (N.W.); 14.5 Kgs (G.W.)
Effective Period
10 years
Package (Box)
520 (L) x 210 (D) x 340 (H) mm

HKE Quality Policy
As the industry leader, HKE R&D Team places strong focus on customers, and provides them with exclusive technology and services that deliver business value that exceed their expectations.

Delivering excellence through :
. Ongoing development and launch of innovative technologies that beyond customer's expectations.
. Providing efficient manufacturing process flow in producing and delivering quality products on time.
. Responding quickly to market changes and customer expectations.

HKE R&D team encourages full dedication and participation from all staff towards realizing its objectives to continually improve the quality of our products and services.

Payment Details for Offline Orders

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  • Minimum Order : 5 Piece(s)

Last Update : 2020-11-06
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