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High Shear Mixer

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  • Type : Other,Tablet Press

Key Features

In the cone-shaped vessel, the main impeller mixes the powder into fluidized vortex and forms agglomerates with the binder solution. Then the high speed chopper breaks the agglomerate into granules by a high speed rolling action.


  1. Mixing: Powder and powder
  2. Granulation: Powder and binder


  1. By using vacuum system or lifting system to transfer powder from an IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) into the mixing bowl.
  2. Serveral kinds of powder can be uniformly mixed by using the main impeller.
  3. Binder (solution) can be sprayed from pressure tank (or solution tank) to powder by the spray nozzle.
  4. Then the high-speed chopper breaks the agglomerates into granules.
  5. Finished wet granules will be discharged from discharge valve. 
    (The finished wet granules can be also transferred to a container of Fluid Bed Dryer via an in-line mill.)


  • Laboratory Models: SMG-3, SMG-5, SMG-10, SMG-20
  • Laboratory Multi-bowl Model: SMG-3/2/1, SMG-10/5, SMG-20/10


  1. Solution spray system: by using pressure or pump to transfer
  2. Human-Machine Interface (HMI) design
  3. The end point control of granlation: by ampere or lorque
  4. Explosion Proof Device: for organic solvent
  5. Jacket: for cooling or heating
  6. Discharge with Cone Mill, and can be connected to the Fluid Bed Dryer
  7. Material transfer: by vacuum suction or lifting system
  8. WIP system
  9. Main Impeller Lifting System for cleaning
  10. Preparation Tank


  • 1. Follows the regulations of cGMP, PIC/S GMP, FDA.
  • 2. High uniformity of mixing: Even with big difference of bulk density of powder still can mix very well. Binder (solution) can be sprayed from pressure tank (or solution tank) to powder by the spray nozzle.
  • 3. High Shear Mixer Operates just in Short mixing time
  • 3a. Dry mixing: 2~5 minutes
  • 3b. Granulation: 5~10 minutesFinished wet graules will be discharged from the discharge valve. (The finished wet granules can be also transfered to a container of Fluid Bed Dryer via an in-line mill.)
  • 4. Multi-safety Interlock System:
  • 4a. Stop operation when the cover is not closed properly
  • 4b. Stop operation when the cover of discharge valve is not closed properly
  • 4c. Stop operation when the air pressure is not sufficient for the seal
  • 5. Separated compressed air routes of the High Shear Mixer is especially designed to meet the good air quality: the compressed air for air seal will pass through an air filter. For the cylinder, the compressed air will pass through lubricating oil to ensure the air quality and lubrication
  • 6. Equipped with unique design of the air seal: This design can prevent powder access into the main seal and the chopper to prevent powder dropping
  • 7. The clearance between impeller and the bottom of mixing bowl is only about 0.5~0.8 mm; therefore, high mixing efficiency can be achieved
  • 8. Clamps of the cover: special designed by an eccentric wheel of clamps for easy operation and well sealed



Last Update : 2018-03-08
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