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High Efficiency Precision Air Filter (High Pressure)

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The Best Precision Air Filter in TAIWAN


  • Model : FFA05-H5~FFA60-H5
  • Capacity : 1.49~20.25 m3/min
  • MAX. Pressure : 50 kg/cm2G

Key Features

To comply with the compressed air quality standard set by ISO 8573.1:2012, it is often necessary to add extra FFA Series filters to process the compressed air for any solid dust and oil content to achieve the required air quality. 


High Efficiency Filters

FFA Filter Grades
Reduces air inlet temperature and increases outlet temperature, preventing piping condensation.

Grade P
For coarse pre-filteration
Particle removal down to 3 micron

Grade U
For general filteration
Particel removal down to micron
Oil content down to 0.1 mg/m3 at 20°C 

Grade H
For high performance filteration
Particle removal down to 0.01 micron
Oil content down to 0.01 mg/m3 at 20°C

Grade C
Activated Carbon Filter
For removal of oil content down to 0.003 mg/m3 at 20°C
in conjuction with filter Grade H.



Maximum recommended operating temperature 60°C
Minimum recommended operating temperature 1°C
Maximum recommended operating pressure 16barg and 50 barg
Maximum recommended pressure differential for element change is 0.35 barg. (Except Grade C)
Material for FFA threaded type filters is aluminium.
Filters come complete with auto drain (16bar) or manual drain (50bar).

High Efficiency Filtration for Clean & Technically Oil-free Compressed Air

Internal Auto Drain
IAD 316
CODE=13 (FFA5~FFA75)

External Auto Drain
EAD 416
CODE=E4 (FFA125~FFA300)

Pressure Gauge

The Basic Benefits of Our FFA Series
Higher effective filtration area.
Lower pressure drop.
Ease of renewing element.
Higher dirt holding capacity.
Possibility of higher air flow.
Differential Pressure gauge.
Anti-rust surface treatment.
Inner thread design: Lower piping cost and ease to install.

Last Update : 2020-11-20
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