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Herbal Organic Skin Care Series-180ml Toner

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Key Features

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- Total Effect Pure Extract Serum  30ml
Organic elderberry makes the skin delicate, also contain with olive leaf, aloe and green tea extract. It helps skin to anti-aging, soothing, moisturizing take care of your skin all-in-one.

- Reish-Olive Leaf Anti-Aging Lotion 180ml
Containing organic plant extracts, which has an antioxidant, skin repair function. It is a gentle skin care keeps your skin radiance to show the youth.

- Cucumber-Aloe Whitening Tonic 180ml
Organic plant extracts with a moisturizing factors which can easily absorbed into deep skin layer. Also, it can improve skin water retention, enhance the brightening of skin, taking you back to the youthful-looking with a shiny skin.

- Poeny-Calendula Whitening Lotion 180ml
Containing unique plant and West Indian cherry extracts rich i n Vitamin C, that enhance skin retention through rapidly absorbed without stickiness. The fresh, silky smooth feeling creative a translucent skin whitening!

- Rose Essence Toner 180ml
Adding rose essence and organic aloe vera extract, promote skin's ability of moisturizing, offer the skin tender and elasticity.

- Chamomilla Facial Wash Foam 120g
Containing organic plant extracts, which helps soothing and cleanse skin gently. The dirt is easy to take away by the silky foam, the skin will feel tender and smooth after washing.

- Sweet Orange Houseleek Hand Moisturizer 120g
Organic Shea butter, mandarin orange fruit extract and stone lotus extracts which can soothing and nourishing skin. Keeps your hands moisture and smooth without sticky feeling.

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Last Update : 2017-11-24
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Herbal Organic Skin Care Series-180ml Toner
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