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Herbal Organic Bath Series-Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash-600ml Shampoo

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Key Features

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-Oat Color Shield Shampoo 600ml
Adding organic chamomilla recutita flower extract, avena sativa kernel extract, which help to repair dyed or perm hair for color lasting while deep cleansing. Keeps your hair smooth and shiny.

-Calendula Moisturizing Shampoo 600ml
Adding organic plants essence, which gently cleanse your scalp and hair without static and knotted hair. Keeps your hair shiny and healthy.

-Camellia Nourishing Shampoo 600ml
Adding organic plant extracts, which help to strengthen your hair and maintain balance of scalp. It improves the damaged and protect your hair from the environmental damages.

-Camellia Hair Conditioner 600ml
Containing camellia, organic aloe vera extracts, Vitamin B5, sodium PCA and hair protection factors. It keeps your hair shine, soft and total moisturized.

-Herbal Blend Body Care Kit 30g*3pcs
Chamomile facial wash foam+Camellia Nourishing Shampoo+ Scutellaria Firming Body Wash. Formulated with a variety of natural organic plant extracts and moisturizing factor which can form a protective film to elevate your skin moisture, leave you skin a bright and silky texture.

-Tea Tree Acne Refresh Body Wash 600ml
This product containing organic tea tree oil and Calendula Officinalis flower extract that assist to remove dirt and excess oil of your skin, to solve skin problems, thus leaves your skin a silky tender texture.

-Scutellaria Firming Body Wash 600ml
Containing the essence of plant extracts, which help to soothe your nervous skin while washing. This product cleanse your skin without any dry and tight feeling. Keep your skin oil and water balanced.

-White Tea Brightening Body Wash 600ml
Adding organic Achillea Millefolium extract, Camellia sinensis leaf extract and avena sativa kernel extract, helps moisturizing skin after washing. In addition, brightening your skin with a natural glow.

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Last Update : 2017-11-24
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Herbal Organic Bath Series-Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash-600ml Shampoo
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