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Good Quality Skin Beauty Collagen Health food

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Collagen ceramide for replenishing skin nutrients and enhancing skin health.


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Key Features

  • We sell a variety of health foods and nutritional supplements
  • Our products help to enhance skin beauty in four ways: increased pureness and whitening, enhanced hydration and skin elasticity, refined and smoother skin, and youthful appearance and vigor

Health food:nutritional supplement, health maintenance, physicalconstitution adjustment, regulation of physiological function, promotion ofmetabolism, skin care and beauty, and energetic vitality

Four Major Revitalization Functions

•Pureness and whitening

•Hydrating and enhancing skin elasticity

•Refining and smoothing the skin

•Providing youthful vigor and appearance

Glutathione (GSH)Protects the liver andregulates the body’s physiological functions

Phyllanthus emblicaCapros ® :Enhances Vitamin C absorption, antioxidant with no pro-oxidanteffects.

Collagen(PO.OG): Promotes theself-regeneration of collage

CeramideRehydrates polysaccharide isomerate

Method of Intake: HealthCare Purposes onepack for every two days / ( 6g/pack )

Enhancement】 One pack a day/ (6g /pack)

The best intake method recommended Onepack a day for the first week for acceleration of effect.


Collagen(PO.OG)、 Glutathione (GSH) 、 Phyllanthus emblicaCapros ® 、 Ceramide 、 Vitaminc 、 vitaminB (Vitamin B1B2 、 B3 B5 、 B6 B7 B9 B12) 、 Kumquatjuice powder Raspberry  juice powder 

Nutritional labelingServing size : 6g, servingper container about 25,amount per serving/day

Calories / 23.2 cal          Protein / 1.5 g

Fat / 0 g                           Saturated/ 0g

Trans Fat / 0 g                 Carbohydrate / 4.3 g

Sugars /1.6 g                   Sodium/ 1 mg

Adhering to high standards:

Glutathione (GSH)  Strictselection of Japanese raw materials with Japanese patent/European patent/ USpatent

Phyllanthus emblica/Capros:Strict selectionofUnited States raw material with  Europeanpatent/US patent/World patent

Collagen(PO.OG)  Strict selection of Japanese rawmaterials with Japanese patent/ US  patent / China patent

Ceramide  :Strict selection  ofJapanese raw materials with Japanese patent/US patent

SGS Safety Examination: Passed theexamination for exclusion of heavy metals, agricultural medicines, westernmedicines and Escherichia coli  

Reuse: large and small precious gifts,easy design and high availability.

The product endorser’s picture used to bea bookmark 

Product Certification

Payment Details for Offline Orders

  • Minimum Order : 2 Piece(s)

Last Update : 2019-11-26
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