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Ginger black tea

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Enjoys does not have the burden lithely, the ginger black tea by Lao Jiang + black tea 絶 wonderful matching, is the bustling about modern people, the traditional good flavor, is in the life the simple cup of good teas, namely flushes namely drinks, with ease has self-confidently, slender beautiful, continues to drink, enjoys the health not to have the burden.Product ingredient: Lao Jiang, black tea. Habitat: Taiwan. Storage life: 2 years. Availability date: If on the packing box indicates (date, month, west first year). Product weight: 15 grams (1 gram x15 packet). This product became by the low temperature vacuum drying smashing, retained entire Lao Jiang and the red tea textile fiber and the majority of nutritions; Does not sweeten for the natural food, does not contain any artificial spice, the pigment and the antiseptic. If has the settling or the luster deepens, is the natural phenomenon, please relieved drink. Swells the way: Each package (1 gram) swells by the hot water, each package may swell 150cc, may depend on individual thick dilution adjustment. Operating instructions: 1. continues to drink the adjustment physiology function, promotion metabolism, helps the maintenance digestive tract function, causes the bowel movement to be smooth, health maintenance. 2. the nature warm is not dry and hot, all may drink throughout the year, every day drinks three to six ginger black teas, before dining, two meal, before for example the breakfast, and two dining rooms, before perhaps sleeping, drink. 3. wants to know ginger black tea more information, the network please do search for the ginger black tea. Preserved way: Avoids placing the high temperature to be wet or the sunlight perpendicular incidence place.

Last Update : 2011-05-19
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