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Genius Medical Heated Pad (Non-Sterile)

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Genius Medical Heated Pad (Non-Sterile) with thermal therapy, far infrared therapy and light therapy.


  • pc : 50x60x9mm

Key Features

 Genius Medical Heated Pad (Non-Sterile)  (TFDA-Class _1 No.007999)

* Thermal Therapy            42℃(max)
   Verified by Taiwan Food and Drug Administration
* Far Infrared Therapy 8~12um FIR
Verified by Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan
Verified by National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute

* Light Therapy 660nm(Red), 850nm(Infra-red)
Verified by SGS, Taiwan
* Radiation Free
Verified by SGS, Taiwan
* Multiple Overheat Protection Mechanisms
Electronic temperature sensor and mechanical thermal relay inside
* Preventing Low-Temperature Burns Mechanism
Microcomputer controlled heating or cooling periodically
* USB-powered, Plug-and-Use, Electric Power Saving
Power consumption: 1 watt (avg)


* Fitting close to your body, deep heat therapy helps improve blood circulation fast and effectively.
* Portable compact lightweight, it can be applied as needed at home, at work, or while exercising.
* USB-powered, plug-and-use, electric power saving and long service life.
* Multiple smart overheat protection mechanisms inside to help prevent skin burns.
* Built-in preventive measures for avoiding low-temperature burns.
* Patented electrical-luminous-thermal energy conversion techniques.
* SGS certification of radiation free.
* SGS certification of 660nm/850nm (wavelength) luminous radiation.
* Far-Infrared emissivity rate test approved by ITRI(Taiwan).
* Far-Infrared emissivity rate test approved by NTCRI(Taiwan).
* Manufactured by Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) factory.


● What is the Genius Medical Heated Pad?
→ Genius Medical Heated Pad is an electronic product based on an innovative technique that can simultaneously provide far-infrared therapy, light therapy and thermal therapy. It can quickly and effectively promote blood circulation, activate metabolism, and instantly relieve the stiffness and discomfort of your muscles.

● The news has reported that there is a burn in the infrared heat treatment lamp on the market. Does the Genius Medical Heated Pad have any doubts about the burn?
→ Genius Medical Heated Pad uses double overheat protection mechanism, including electronic microcomputer temperature control and mechanical heat accumulation switch, to avoid the burn.

● The news has reported that some energy products on the market have been tested for radiation exceeding national safety standards. Does the Genius Medical Heated Pad have any doubt about radiation exceeding the standard?
→ Genius Medical Heated Pad uses a patented technique to increase the far-infrared emissivity effectively, and there is absolutely no harmful substances added to enhance the far-infrared emissivity. To provide customers with peace of mind, the Genius Medical Heated Pad has passed the SGS radiation "no detection" safety certification (CE/2019/16971).

● Does the Genius Medical Heated Pad have a preventive mechanism for "low temperature burns"?
→ When hot compressing, if the heat accumulates in the same part for too long, the skin is overheated, and the epidermal cells are destroyed, which is so-called "low-temperature burn." According to the experience, the low-temperature burn at 60 ° C may cause the burn for 1 minute; 50 ° C for 3 minutes; 44 ° C for 3 to 4 hours; and 42 ° C for 6 hours. Under the basic setting of "maximum contact surface temperature of 43 °C" and "maximum heating working time of 6 hours," the Genius Medical Heated Pad added a microcomputer temperature control rule of "resting for 5 minutes every 25 minutes of hot compressing” to prevent the low-temperature burn.

● Does the Genius Medical Heated Pad still effective for relieving the muscle pain without plugging in?
→ Genius Medical Heated Pad still continues to radiate a basic amount of far-infrared light without plugging in, which are equivalent to the far-infrared magnet energy products that are generally not plugged in.

● Why should the Genius Medical Heated Pad be using in close-fitting?
→ The penetration rate of far infrared light is awful, and "use in close-fitting" is the correct way to use. Some of the far-infrared treatment lamps can't be used in close-fitting because of the high temperature; thus, it is less useful for the user of using the illumination of the far-infrared treatment lamp.

● How about the heating mechanism of the Genius Medical Heated Pad?
→ In order to have both effects of light therapy and thermal therapy, the Genius Medical Heated Pad does not apply the traditional thermal impedance heating technology; instead, based on the patented technique, it quickly transmits nearly 60% of the input electric power to heat the encapsulated material in the Genius Medical Heated Pad.

● How about the far-infrared effect mechanism of the Genius Medical Heated Pad?
→ Concerning the current industrial measurement technique, it is unable to quantitatively measure the far-infrared "intensity." At present, most of the "far-infrared emissivity" is used as a reference for comparison. In fact, under the assumption of different materials and environmental parameters, the reference value of "far-infrared emissivity" is also controversial. Based on the patented “far-infrared emissivity enhancement technique”, the Genius Medical Heated Pad can effectively improve the far-infrared emissivity of the materials used.


● The main reason of muscle pain?
→ Muscle pain is mainly due to poor blood circulation that causes insufficient oxygen circulation in the muscles, and the muscle metabolites can’t be rapidly discharged. To soothe this kind of soreness problem, it should promote blood circulation and metabolism, and the thermal therapy is generally used.

● The reasons of "bad blood circulation” or "bad metabolism"?
→ Poor metabolism is generally caused by poor blood circulation. The reasons can be divided as the following categories:
(1) Maintaining a fixed posture for a long time (sitting or standing for a long time) will easily cause muscle stiffness and soreness due to poor blood circulation.
(2) After exercise, muscle metabolites will accumulate in the body. If the blood circulation is not good enough, it will cause soreness or iron legs after exercise.
(3) Bad sleeping posture will easily cause muscle stiffness and soreness due to poor blood circulation, which is so-called "stiff neck."
(4) Low temperature at night or the changes of the weather temperature can also cause poor blood circulation in the joints of the body, which may result in muscle pain and tight discomfort that is called "arthritis."

● The effect of light therapy?
→ According to research, the red light with a wavelength of 630nm to 660nm can encourage blood circulation, stimulate skin collagen as well as elastin proliferation, and activate fibril in a non-invasive manner, and accelerate the heal of wounds and cells. Accordingly, the Taiwan Institute of Technology and many other manufacturers have introduced related products based on the wavelength of 630nm~660nm red light for beauty purposes, such as an LED mask.

● The effect of far-infrared (FIR) light?
→ It is because that the specific wavelength of far infrared light is very similar to the vibration frequency of water molecules in the human body; therefore, when the far-infrared light is irradiated to the human body, it is easy to resonate with water molecules, resulting in activation of water molecules in the body. The benefits of far infrared light to humans can be summarized as follows:
(1) Activating water molecules in the body: The far-infrared light can resonate water molecules, turn them into independent water molecules, increase the body's oxygen content, and thus the cells can regain vitality, which can further improve disease resistance.
(2) Promoting blood circulation: the resonance effect of far-infrared rays and water molecules can transform thermal energy so that the deep temperature of subcutaneous rises slightly, which leads to an increase in blood flow velocity and promotes blood circulation.
(3) Promoting the metabolism: Resonantly activated independent water molecules can freely enter and exit between cells to improve metabolism in the body and balance the pH of the body.

Connect the USB mobile power supply and the Genius Medical Heated Pad with the power cable, then turn on the portable power. 
(Notes: part of the mobile power will be automatically turned on after connecting with the Genius Medical Heated Pad.) 

  • Dimensions:
  • 50mm×60mm×9mm
  • Net weight:
  • 20g (typ)
  • Input power:
  • DC 5.0V / 500mA(max), 200mA(avg)

→ Place the Genius Medical Heated Pad on the uncomfortable part of your body directly.
● Neck Collar (regular accessory): The specifically designed neck collar, which is exclusive for the Genius Medical Heated Pad, is suitable for soothing the discomfort of the stiff neck.
● Elastic velcro bandage (regular accessory): the flexible velcro bandage is suitable for wearing on the waist according to personal figure. The user can adjust the height of the bandage and the position of the Genius Medical Heated Pad according to the pain area, effectively soothing the parts that include the spine, lumbar vertebrae, lumbar side, hip bone (sciatica), lower abdomen… etc.
● Breathable tape (prepared by yourself): You can directly use the breathable tape to fix the pad on the pain part, such as the nearby position of the adjacent shoulder.
● Bracers (prepared by yourself): The Genius Medical Heated Pad is worn with a wristband (or elastic bandage) to relieve the discomfort of wrist joints.
● Elbow Guard (prepared by yourself): The Genius Medical Heated Pad is worn with an elbow guard (or elastic bandage) to relieve the discomfort of elbow and elbow joints.
● Kneepad (prepared by yourself): The Genius Medical Heated Pad is worn with a kneepad (or elastic bandage) to relieve the discomfort of knee joints and the legs.
● Direct placement: It can be fixed by fastening on the clothing, and place the Genius Medical Heated Pad close to the uncomfortable parts of the body, such as the position of the hip bone, the position of the shoulder, the palm of the foot, the sole of the foot...

Payment Details for Offline Orders

  • Payment Terms : TT ,PayPal ,Alipay
  • Minimum Order : 1 Piece(s)

Last Update : 2020-01-17
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