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Genius FIR Photo-Thermal Soothing Pad(TYPE-Ⅰ)

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Patented technology integrates far infrared, phototherapy and thermal effects of wearable energy products


  • Type : Back Scratcher

Key Features

Genius FIR Photo-Thermal Soothing Pad 

TYPE-Ⅰ (BW-001) : 

Key Specifications/Special Features: 
Model NumberTYPE-Ⅰ(BW-001) : 660nm Red light × 1+ 850nm Near Infrared Ray ×6 + Far Infrared Radiation (FIR) + Thermal
Product size:Diameter 90 mm * Thickness 9 mm
Net product weight:20g(typ.)
Surface temperature:43°C(max)
Voltage and current :(DC)5.0 Volt / 500mA(max)
Power consumption :2.5Watt(max)
Power sources:USB Power Bank / USB Power Supply

Primary Competitive Advantages:

  • easy to wear and carry; easy plug and play. 
  • Easy operation 
  • Compact design with solid and lightweight. Great for all-day use. 
  • Low Power Consumption: 400 Hours, Power Consumption No More than 1 Degree. 
  • Genius FIR Photo-Thermal Soothing Pad can effectively alleviate pains or sore during intense sports
    activities for bones and muscles.
  • Genius FIR Photo-Thermal Soothing Pad can effectively alleviate pains or sore during intense sports
    activities for bones and muscles.
  • It relieves you of your long term torment of pain, sore, aches and stiffness effectively.
  • It can also relieve the pain after surgery.
  • Genius FIR Photo-Thermal Soothing Pad  is an environmental safe and energy saving item.
    It only need a USB power supply and does not need any battery for purchasing and replacing.  

Instructions for use:
 You should feel relief after 15 to 30 minutes when you use Genius FIR Photo-Thermal Soothing Pad for the pain, aches, stiffness and sore area on the body. Each individual physical body is different, therefore the degree of pain, aches, stiffness and sore varies based on the duration of time and frequency of application. 
 If you have any wound or allergy problem, you will not be suggested to use it again.   
 Before using the Genius FIR Photo-Thermal Soothing Pad, you should wipe the oil and sweat area on the skin surface.
 Under Storage Temperature – 5 to 27 deg C (41 to 80.6 deg F).
 The result will be better when you are using the Genius FIR Photo-Thermal Soothing Pad with your love and thanksgiving heart.
 If you need to fix the Genius FIR Photo-Thermal Soothing Pad on joint areas or any inconvenient working positions, please place it on the nearby position to avoid inconveniences.
 If the position is not easily or convenience to fix for leg back and joints, you can use elastic bandage and gauze for better withhold. 
Applicable For People Who:
1. Spend extend amounts of time on the mobile phone.
2. Are expose to TV, microwaves, monitors, etc.
3. Spend long hours sitting and standing during work.
4. Experience high pressure and stress at work. 
5. Have problems sleeping and resting.
Safety guarantee
* Design for Preventing Low Temperature Burns.
* Double Protection for Temperature Overheating
* SGS Certification for Radiation (Radiation) Safety.

Q & A

Q1: There are many far infrared products on the market that do not need to be plugged into the power supply.Why does "Genius FIR Photo-Thermal Soothing Pad" need to be plugged in?


A1: When the product is plugged in, it can not only provide the efficacy of phototherapy and hyperthermia, but also use our patented technology to enhance the far infrared radiation rate.

Q2: Does "Genius FIR Photo-Thermal Soothing Pad" whether it has any utility if it is not plugged into the power supply?

A2: When the product is used without power supply, it can still sustainably radiate the basic amount of far-infrared radiation. Its utility is equivalent to that of far-infrared energy products which are generally used without power supply.

Q3: Can " Genius FIR Photo-Thermal Soothing Pad" be recharged?

A3: Usually wearable devices use batteries. The service life of batteries determines the service life of the product. In addition, limited battery capacity also limits the endurance of wearable devices. This " Genius FIR Photo-Thermal Soothing Pad" uses general mobile power supply and can share power resources with other mobile devices.

Q4: Why should " Genius FIR Photo-Thermal Soothing Pad " be used close to the skin?

A4: The penetration rate of far infrared rays is very poor, and "apply to skin" is the correct way to use. Because of the high temperature, some far-infrared treatment lamps can not be used close to the user, so that the user does not feel much effect.

Q5: Is it possible to burn by using " Genius FIR Photo-Thermal Soothing Pad "?

A5: This " Genius FIR Photo-Thermal Soothing Pad " uses a dual temperature overheat protection mechanism for both electronic and mechanical use to avoid burns possibility. The first is the real-time temperature monitoring by micro-computer, and the second is the mechanical temperature protection switch.

Q6: Does " Genius FIR Photo-Thermal Soothing Pad " have any doubts about radiation exceeding the standard?

A6: No. This " Genius FIR Photo-Thermal Soothing Pad " has passed the SGS radiation "not detected" safety certification. With our patented technology and electronic design technology, this product can effectively improve the far infrared radiation rate. Absolutely no harmful substances were added to enhance the far infrared radiation rate.




Efficacy explanation: 

* Far Infrared Ray (FIR) Utility

Because the vibration frequency of water molecule in human body is very close to that of far-infrared radiation with a specific wavelength, it is easy to resonate with water molecule in human body when far-infrared radiation is applied to human body, resulting in the activation of water molecule in human body.

The benefits of far infrared radiation to human beings can be summarized as follows:

1. Activation of water molecules in the body: Far infrared can make water molecules resonance and become independent water molecules to improve the body's oxygen content, so that cells can restore vitality and then make disease resistance improving.

2. Promoting blood circulation: Resonance effect of far infrared ray and water molecule can transform heat energy to make the temperature of deep subcutaneous layer rise slightly, cause blood flow speed to accelerate and  promote blood circulation.

3. Promoting metabolism: Resonantly activated independent water molecules can freely enter and exit between cells, promote metabolism in vivo, and balance the body's acidity and alkalinity.


* Hyperthermia utility

Hot compress is a common method of relieving soreness and is also a kind of physical therapy formally recognized by modern medical technology. It can promote blood circulation, promote metabolism, relieve fatigue and pain, improve muscle tension and muscle stiffness, promote tissue self-healing ability, enhance joint activity and reduce chronic inflammation.


* Phototherapy effectiveness

Red light was originally widely used in plant lamps to promote plant growth. Later, it was found that red light with wavelength 630-660 nm could promote blood circulation, stimulate collagen and elastin proliferation of skin, activate fibroblasts and accelerate wound healing in a non-invasive way. In this way, Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute and many manufacturers have launched products based on wavelength 630nm~660nm red for cosmetic purposes, such as LED mask.

" Genius FIR Photo-Thermal Soothing Pad "  uses 660 nm red light as the main wavelength light source of phototherapy mechanism to promote blood circulation.

Payment Details for Offline Orders

  • Payment Terms : TT ,PayPal ,Alipay
  • Minimum Order : 1 Piece(s)

Last Update : 2020-01-17
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