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Gear Speed Reducer R-TYPE

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Key Features

The main demands for the STA type of the gear speed reducer that is developed by our company are multidirectional output and variability deceleration. In the same infrastructure, we can provide variety of accessories and reduction ratios for customers to choose. The STA type of the gear speed reducer is mainly formed by the front planetary gear reducer group with stackable change, and the planetary gear with a different reduction ratio of the stack to produce a variety of gear ratio combinations, a stack is one of its characteristics. The gearbox is a planetary gear in combination with the helical gear innovation made. Produced by this technology is characterized by the gearbox design is simple, reliable, easy assembly and maintenance. Compared with the traditional gearbox, the innovative design significantly reduce, the weight and size, but the same effect can be achieved and reliability, suitability better.

Product Features

Flexible Assembly Characteristics, Mixed Product Design:

  • Planetary gear- With a high reduction ratio, high efficiency, high load, small size, light weight.
  • Bevel gear- Output characteristics with a corner.
  • Helical gear- Parallel output and has a simple structure characteristic.
  • Design, offers a variety of reduction ratio selection:
  • Using planetary gear stackable features to improve module alternative ease of maintenance and parts.
  • Planetary gears hardened and precision machining to achieve the best efficiency and quiet operation degrees.
  • Helical gears and spiral bevel gears are hardened and precision processing.
  • Bearing Selection manufacturers products are made of high reliability.
  • Leakproof seal device were collected T-seal lips, reduce leakage scenarios.
  • Mining in the hollow shaft made of heat treated carbon steel (also with a solid shaft).

Pluralism and Direct Binding Installation Design:

  • Gearbox body design, according to the same body parts with abundant and diverse spread, resulting in variability function in providing input and output shaft parallel to the two end portions of the vertical structure of how to solve the client space problems.
  • Hollow shaft design - the insertion of the installation, save installation space and eliminates the need for inconvenient bit installation.
  • Flange design - law Flanges flange alignment, reducing installation difficulty and improve gearbox installation correctness.
  • Smooth gearbox chassis design, installation more convenient.

Diverse Selection of Accessories:

  • Offers a variety of accessories to increase the convenience of the gearbox assembly, fitting the current development pattern to adjust motor mount, thrust spherical roller bearing flange seat, adjust the torque arm, pulleys, break control.

Last Update : 2015-05-28
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