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Ganoderma Lucidum Lingzhi and Cordyceps Extract Supplement Powder

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100 g/bottle
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Herbal extract powder for improving health and wellness.

Key Features

-Each bottle contains 100 g of herbal extract powder.
-Made from 100% 5X concentrated Ganoderma lucidum extract, 100% Paecilomyces hepiali (Cordycepin), and L-Arginine.
-Ganoderma lucidum contains three major physiologically active constituents: polysaccharides, peptidoglycans, and triterpenes. 


100 g/bottle,

100% Ganoderma lucidum Extract 5X conc.,

100% Paecilmyces hapiali (Cordycepin),


PRICE: TWD 2,300



This formula is powder that can be direct absorbed in the mouth. Ganoderma lucidum, use for promoting health and longevity in China, Japan, and other Asian countries. Polysaccharides, peptidoglycans, and triterpenes are three major physiologically active constituents in G. lucidum.  

The fungus Cordyceps, increased interleukin (IL)-10 expression, decreased IL-2 expression and suppressed T lymphocyte activity.  L-arginine has multiple benefits.



We are KAVA Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as KV), the partner ISI Biochemical & Tech Inc.  The company established in Taipei, Taiwan, in 2007. These companies are focused on innovation, R&D, manufacturing, health care, OEM, and ODM. KAVA Technology Co., Ltd. in line with enthusiasm, energetic activation and services, marketing health care functional foods.

"Prevention is better than cure" is the highest principle of maintaining our health. We always think of "health is wealth" if our health turns weaken. 'In case we don’t health-care of ourselves, we indeed have to spend money to see doctors ", is a sentence that be worth of our deep thinking. Father of invention Thomas Edison said “The doctors of future give no medicine”. When we understand how to care ourselves, it actually can mitigate illness. This also confirms a word we often mention "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" or "Care per day, Keep the disease away". Remember that "You are what you eat" and” To eat right To eat healthy”. You also need to keep it in mind “Your struggles and achievements would not make sense if you don’t have good healthy body and minds”.

Our company provide you the most accurate and valuable healthy informative data, provide you the cheapest, valuable health-care products, provide you the most sincere and fastest service.

  • We have excellent R&D, for manufacturing self-brand OBM functional foods.
  • We accept OEM, ODM, and Customer-oriented Products.
  • We studied Nutrigenomic genes, Translational medicine.
  • We extract different kinds of nature Phytochemicals from Chinese herbs.

Last Update : 2019-06-26
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