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Foam TPE ( 100% w/o Wood Powder ) Wood-like Pelletizing And Profile Lines

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Key Features


 Foam TPE (100% NON Wood) Wood-Imitation Pelletizing and Profile Lines


Warm touch,elegant wood texture, that's why wood has becomr a most popular and widely used in different applications. However, under the climate abnormality issue, many country has strengthened the regulation of forest exploitation.


To follow the global view of sustainable development, our company developed the innovated material Cellecotech- Foam TPE Wood A-Like Resin

The characteristics of our material can not only distinguish the practical disadvantages of nature wood and WPC products ( complicated processing process, non-waterproof, perishable, deformed, moth-eaten, unable recycling ...), but also on the secondary processing , such as hot pressing, CNC, etc. With our material, you are able to improve your product value and set a different product segmentation from your current product market.


Extrusion Panel Application  

  • Outdoor side-walk, handrail, fence, garden chair and table, flooring, railing, signboard, wall cladding, building materials
  • Outdoor landscape, balcony, patio, gardening, seaside, pond shore, wet land, deckingsuch building materials
  • Anti-slip material for bathroom, swimming pool,... such humid environment
  • Indoor flooring, ladder panel, grille, louver door and window, shutter, hose and furniture fitting, decoration materials
  • Stationery - pen, toy, teaching aids tool, decorations, floral, fruit and vegetable box, supermarkey application, and all kinds of wood crafts replaced application
  • Applicable ambient temperature: -30°C~ 85°C




Product Certification

Payment Details

  • Payment Terms : TT ,L/C
  • Minimum Order : 1 Sets

Last Update : 2018-11-12
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Single-Screw Extruder For Foam TPE ProfileFoam TPE ( 100% w/o Wood Powder ) Wood-like Pelletizing And Profile Lines
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