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Flexographic Printing Machine (Roll to Roll)

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Key Features

Flexographic Printing Machine (Roll to Roll) 

Model: TKNRP-6C


Item No. Description Specification
   A. General Performance  
1. Diameter of Unwinding Cloth 1200 mm (Max.)
2. Processing Tube Width 350-850 mm (Max.)
3. Printing Width 800 mm (Max.)
4. Printing Repeat Length 500 - 1400 mm
5. Production Output Max.40-120 M/min.
   B. Un-Winding Section  
1. Fabric Roll Lifting Air cylinder type, Ø120x250CAx 2 pcs
2. Auto Edge Position Control (EPC) Hydraulic type, with 1 HP AC motor
3. Tension Control Powder Brake Tension Control
4. Air Shaft 1 pc (bobbin inner diameter is 3" or 4" as standard size.)
    C. Fabric Treatment  
1. Corona Treater 8 KW, Double Side x 1 Unit
2. Static Eliminator Two Side, (Output 8.0KW, 13.0A, 20~30KHz)
3. effect 40 Dains at 100m/min linear speed for 1mm depth PP Woven Fabric
    D. Printing Section  
1. No. of Color 6 colors
2. Printing Method 0 + 6, 1 + 5, 2 + 4, 3 + 3
3. Adjustment of Printing Position Each printing station equipped with a gear box. These gear boxes can online print registration.
4. Adjustment of Printing Position Horizontal or vertical position is adjustable

Last Update : 2016-11-10
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Flexographic Printing Machine (Roll to Roll)
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