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Fire Suppressant

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Key Features

Simple and easy to use extinguisher for the initiative fire

l     Environmental protection 
l     Non-toxic
l     High Efficiency  
l     Safety


Characteristics :

l     Quick, powerful, and safe. By cooling burning flames,  thenextinguishing the fire, and finally preventing any smoldering  material fromreigniting.

l     Agent is Non-Corrosive and Biodegradable

l     Unique thermal insulation capability helps to minimize heatexhaustion.  If in emergency, spray theagent onto the body and clothes, run away rapidly to reducing the hurt ofphysical.

l     Encapsulates and breaks down hydrocarbons; thereby  reducinghydrocarbon smoke and increasing visibility.

l     Non-slip of ground, No messy clean up is required.

l     Contents are harmless to humans, animals, and theenvironment. It’s  contains no halogens or toxic products.

l     The agents are non-flammable, non-irritant, and free of airpollutants.

l     Cap is with fluorescent light, will lighten up whileenvironment is  darkness, helps to

   find theextinguisher if in need.               

l     Suitable for outdoor camp, kitchen, stateroom, laboratory, car,home and office.

Ingredients : 450 ml ± 5 %

Fireretardants Wettingagents Surfactant Heat suppressant Sterilized water

Caution :

l  Do notspray into the eyes. If in eyes, immediately flush area thoroughly with water.

l  Do not place the can under sunlight or roastit .

l  Do not expose to storage temperatures over 80or below 0.

l  Notedible, keep away from children. Do notpierce or burn after use.

l  Cut off power before extinguishing the fire ofelectric components.

ApprovedCertificate :

l     UL Classified #: 2N75 for Class A & B Fires.

l     ULC Classified under file #: Cex 1225.

l     To meet with United States EPA 40 CFR, Part 792 toxicitystandard #:065318-1

l     EPA-SNAP (Significantly New Alternative Policy Program)Listed. Considered an     acceptablesubstitute to toxic foams and Halon.

l     TaiwanPatent No.: I311123 ; D 123661

l     ChinaPatent No.: ZL 2007 1 0063441.6 ; ZL 2007 3 0147073.4


Spraying Time: approximately 30 sec.

EffectiveSpraying Distance1~4 m


Shelf life5 years

Last Update : 2014-05-22
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