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Feather silk thread Intensive Whitening Mask-WHITENING Lotion

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Feather silk thread Intensive
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  • Feature : Lightening,Moisturizer,Whitening
  • Use : Face

Key Features

1. Feather silk thread Intensive Whitening Mask


Capacity:25ml × 5 Piece




Ultra Cleanwhitening, moisturizing activated, playing Run bright.


Ultimatethin, transparent, smooth to the touch,

As a second layer of skin like a tight fit,

Peoplealmost do not feel it's there!


Perfectly obedient to every inch of skin, continuously injected into the essence of maintenance,

Powerful Moisturizing make full and complete absorption, maintenance effect immediately visible!





After cleaning the face after the skin, remove the mask, the mask along with Pearl film Fuyu face the appropriate location, and then remove the pearl film, hand soft reduction, adjust the mask to completely close with the skin, the applicator 5 ~ after 15 minutes remove the residue essence pat massage until completely absorbed or wash.



Tranexamicacid, mulberry root, hyaluronic acid, allantoin, Sodium PCA, Xantham Gum,Carbomer, Glycerin, Trehalose, Perfume, Phenoxyethanol, Distilled Water


 2. Feather repair mask

Capacity    5 pieces

product manual:
Conditioning soothing, soothing repair, moisturizing.
Extreme thin, through, run the touch,
As the second layer of skin-like close fit,
People almost do not feel it exists!
Perfect clothes posted on every inch of skin, a steady stream of maintenance essence,
Strong moisturizing repair, so that absorption of comprehensive and complete, maintenance effect immediately visible!
The full range of Japanese "feather silk VICERAL cloth film"
A fluffy cotton inside, containing 4-7 cotton seeds, most of which cotton fiber length is different, the density of different, and attached to the cottonseed cotton fiber is the most sophisticated part of the quality. Chloe is 100% cotton mask, the most delicate part of the fiber around the woven into the film, so that the mask is particularly soft texture, so you enjoy the new experience of mask maintenance.
▪ Light, thin, special material, delicate touch, good ductility, intact fit.
▪ Essential fluid can be introduced into the cloth evenly, so that the maintenance of effective ingredients into the skin layer, so that every inch of skin full absorption.
▪ High lock water, high absorbency, maintenance ingredients to maximize efficiency, just a few minutes, the maintenance effect immediately presented.
▪ Good skin care, high permeability, no burden.
After cleansing the facial skin, remove the mask, the mask with the pearl film attached to the appropriate position on the face, then remove the pearl film, hand pressure, adjust the mask, so that it is completely close with the skin, 15 minutes after the removal of the remaining essence of the liquid pat to massage or to completely absorb or wash.





3. Crystal Spring Water Moisturizing Series - Moisturizer Cream


Capacity  50 ml


product manual:


Moisturizing, repairing,firming, and reviving the skin. Application: Take moderate amount of the cream and apply evenly on the   face, followed by gently massaging until fully absorbed.


Refreshing and moist,long-lasting with continuous sauce of water and remaining supple all day long.



Take moderate amount of the cream and apply evenly on the face, followed by gently massaging until fully absorbed.



PENTAVITIN(SaccharideIsomerate)HyaluronicAcidPanthenolPearlSeamollientOlive oilSorbitolAloeStearic AcidCetyl AlcoholGlycerinMineral OilZY-92 LenofierZY-92 PEG-4 Polycerl-2 Stearate (72828-11-6) Glyceryl Stearate (123-94-4) ZY-921 LenofierZY-921 Fatty Alcohol Polyoxyethylene (25) EtherPolyoxyethyleneSorbitanMonolaurate (9005-64-5) C9~15 Alky PhosphateTriethanolamineMethylisothiazolinonePerfumeDistilled water

4.Crystal Spring Water Moisturizing Series - Moisturizer Toner

Capacity : 140 ml

product manual:
Maintaining skin oil-water balance, nourishing and moisturizing
Refreshing and moist, long-lasting with continuous sauce of water and remaining supple all day long.
Crystal Spring Water Moisturizing Series
Water is the key source to sustain young skin, regardless of the oily skin or the dry skin, which all rely on water to reach that oil-water balance in skin. Oily skin lacking water will secret excessive grease and causes keratins accumulation and pore blocking. Dry skin lacking water will results in skin peel and aging fine lines due to dry skin. Only skin with oil-water balance can retain the youth and maintain that beauty.
Constituted by ultra-effective moisturizing Hyaluronic acid and the new-generation  Crystal Spring Water Moisturizing Series innovative water-locking factor ─ “PENTAVITIN” water locking magnet combined with multiple ingredients .
Hyaluronic acid is also known as ironic acid and Hyaluronan, a natural Polysaccharide and an important moisturizing ingredient exists in the dermis of human skin. Its content is reduced following the increase of aging, which thereby leads to skin dryness, lack of water and aging that generates wrinkles, coarseness, dullness and uneven skin complexion. Hyaluronic acid contains high permeability, water-locking and function in maintaining skin resilience, which fully gives the skin with moist nourishment and enhancing skin suppleness with supple texture, exhibiting that moist and transparent skin textures with absolute smoothness.
“PENTAVITIN Water-locking magnet” is the D-glucan of isomerization from biosynthesis. The use of the product on the skin surface can combine with the skin tightly like the magnet grasping water, which fully elaborates the superb, long-lasting moisturizing and water locking function. The hydration is strengthened to reinforce the water storage function inside the skin, slowing down water evaporation, maintaining skin water balance, improving dryness and grease. The moisturizing can be sustained even under the worst environment, keeping that supple and plump skin sheen.
Take moderate amount of toner after cleaning day and night to gently 
on the face and neck skin.





5. Luminous Whitening Series -WHITENING Lotion


Capacity  120ml


product manual:


Eliminating dullness, whitening and brightening skin 

In-depth whitening, blemishing melanin and dullness, so that the skin radiates with bright and exquisite texture Luminous Whitening Series Pigmentation defiance and whitening


Improve skin metabolism, block in-depth and enhance whitening protection

Significantly improve spots, dullness, pigmentation and uneven skin complexion

Build that perfect, exhibit and whitening supple skin


Using dual-effective whitening ingredients, Vitamin C Glucoside and Tranexamic Acid,to directly block pigmentation, enhance skin metabolism, remove waste keratins,and inhibit pigmentation. Break up the clustered melanin for in-depth spots while brightening and whitening the uneven skin complexion of dullness. The highly effective and anti-oxidative function combines the moisturizing ingredient, Hyaluronic acid, which not only increase skin water content but more effectively protect the skin from impact of external environment and results in aging. The product enhances skin vitality and maintains firmness and resilience to shape that luminous skin with suppleness.


Ascorbyl Glucoside  Inhibiting pigmentation,firming the skin with resilience

Speeding up the blemishing of already formed melanin on the skin surface, soothing wrinkles to give the skin with firmness and resilience. 

Tranexamic Acid─Inhibiting pigmentation



Take moderate amount of the Moisturizing Lotion and spread evenly on the face and neck skin until fully absorbed



Ascorbyl GlucosideTranexamicacidHyaluronic AcidCollagenTrehaloseDipotassium GlycyrrhizinateCarbomerSilsoftE-Pearl (Water& Dimethicone& Polymethylsilsesquioxane&Isohexadecane& Cetearyl Methicone& PEG 40 Stearate& Steareth-2&Steareth-21) TriethanolaminePropylene GlycolPerfumeMethylisothiazolinoneDistilled water





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Last Update : 2019-11-27
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