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eMMC Gang Programmer

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The Best Choose for Programming eMMC

Key Features

High-density Flash Memory Gang Programmer  

The best manual programming solution for eMMC, NAND, SPI NAND, NOR 


LP-562E can directly select file and set the parameter through the software edition which is able et the partition and Extended CSD setting. Moreover, it able to read out the file from the master IC, and set as project to program. That is, it can be operate by the source from eMMC master or file to reach gang 8 programming. LP-562E is not only support eMMC, but also NAND, SPI NAND, NOR and MCU. LP-562E is the best solution to improve the total production yield rate and quality.

  • Provide the software which is able to edit and set the partition and Extended CSD.
  • Able to read out the file from the master IC, and set as project to program.
  • High-speed programming to support high-density eMMC, NAND, SPI NAMD, and NOR.
  • Provide mass-production-oriented software, which is able to minimize the operator error. Moreover, the log file can help the production management.
  • Provide the eMMC press bar mechanism design, which make the LP-562E operate easily.

  • Log IC signal level:1.5V~6.0V,10mV
  • IOL,IOH current:10mA75MHz (3~5V)
  • Embedded storage device:2GBytes FLASH memory.
  • Size: 400mm(L) x 150mm(W) x 310mm(H)
  • Weight:2.4 kg
  • Support device: eMMC, eMCP, NOR/NAND. SPI FLASH....etc
  • Support file format: Binary/Machine Code, Intel HEX, TEK HEX Motorola HEX

  • Operating system:Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Vista /XP ( 32bits & 64bits )
  • Processor:Pentium 4 above
  • Memory:2 GB RAM above
  • Hard disk:Main program 500MB above.Data buffer 1 GB above (depend on device capacity).
  • Communication interface: USB 2.0 HIGH SPEED
Standard Accessories 
  • Main unit: 1 unit
  • USB transmission line:1 pc
  • CD (Included driver and user’s manual):1 pc
  • AC power cable:1 pc
  • LP-568E-DRIVERBOARD:1 pc

Product Certification

Payment Details for Offline Orders

  • Minimum Order : 1 Piece(s)

Last Update : 2020-05-26
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