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Electrical Discharge Machine

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Electrical Discharge Machine-EDM-542C CNC


  • Type : Muti-Spindle,Sinker,Singe Spindle,Vertical

Key Features

  • The system adopts Windows CE controller
  • Six-axis programmable control, XYZ+ABC (can be replaced by XYZ+ABW or XYZ+ACW)
  • ATC system and A, B, C axis and spindle tilt option are available to increase machine functionally
  • Column movable master by linear slideway on X/Y/Z
  • Automatic lubrication
  • USB port
  • Use a 15-inch LCD touch screen, mouse, and standard keyboard
  • Presented in a dialog window with 3D stereo graphic description
  • Machining path and graphic display
  • Close-loop and feedback circuit design of 0.001mm resolution numerical linear scale is adopted on the 3 axis of the machine. Such design could get precise position setting, and increase the machining precision and efficiency of ORBIT-CUT
  • Dialogue programming editor that provides variety of hole enlargement modes (including function of edge search, center search, reference point search)
  • Automatic multi-step machining is available
  • Automatic home search function
  • ARC automatic arcing adjustment
  • Automatic center search and offset which could search the center and the deepest point of the hole
  • Movement of axis linear (3 axis), arc (2 axis), spiral (3 axis) and offset
  • Switch function: Language switch (Chinese/English) and unit system switch (Metric/Inch)
  • Single side sparking of 3 axis and 6 directions (plane rotation)
  • Automatic programming edition function: According to the material, area, initial current and wear rate do proper adjustment
Work Table Sizemm800 x 450
X/Y/Z Axis Travelmm500 x 400 x 350
Electrode Plate to Work Tablemm250 / 600
Max. Electrode Weightkg180
Max. Workpiece Weightkg1350
Z Axis Motor PanasonicKAC Servo 1.0 K
Z Axis Rapid Feed Ratem/min5
Z Axis Cutting Feed Ratem/min5
Work Tank Sizemm1300 x 700 x 460
Oil Tank CapacityL650
Weight of Machine Unitkg1850
Outside Dimensionsmm1600 x 1600 x 2250

Standard AccessoriesOptional Accessories
Paper filtersAutomatic fire extinguisher 
Clamping kitsEROWA accessory
Electrode holderDielectric cooler
Tool boxC axis
Flushing nozzlePermanent magnetic table
Working lampATC (Auto Tool Changer)
Drill chuckPower regular

Payment Details for Offline Orders

  • Payment Terms : TT ,L/C
  • Minimum Order : 1 Set/ Sets

Last Update : 2020-05-05
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