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Electric Actuators for Proportional Control Application

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Proportional Electric Actuator

Key Features

Item No.  :  JS-AMD Series
Product Name  :  Electric Actuators for Proportional Control Application
Specification  : 
Actuator Model: JS-01-AMD, JS-02-AMD, JS-03-AMD, JS-03-AMD2, JS-03-BMD, JS-03H-BMD, JS-04H-BMD, JS-05H-BMD, JS-06H-BMD
Output Torque: 34.3 to 798 N-m
Enclosure: Water and dust proof IP 67
Voltage Rating: 100~120VAC / 200~240VAC / 1 Phase
Input Singal Level: 4-20mA, 1-5VDC, 0-10VAC
Temperature Limits: -10℃~60℃
Connection: Female output shaft
Relative Huminity Range: 30%~95%
Operation: Reversing for use with quarter-turn valves or rotating equipment to full rotation.
Optional: Heater/Thermostat, Additional Limit Switches, Build-in ON/OFF LED Indicator
Features  : 
Efficient volume, Low power comsumption, High Accuracy and easy-operation
One-body-shape and build-in printed circuit board ensure endurance.
Can be continuously operated by PID input signals.
Input signals can be switched between valtages and currents.
Solid State Relay (S.S.R.) model was adopted for long life-time and high sensitivity without electromagnetic interaction.
Compact, balanced design: Reduces costs for pipeline support, prevents stresses in the pipe work and elminates side loads on the valve spindle.
Safety/Quality Approvals  : 
CE approval

Product Certification

Last Update : 2014-12-24
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Electric Actuators for Proportional Control Application
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