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Hyweb HyRead ebook: Free and Easy to Read. eBook, eReader

Key Features

  • Product name: HyRead ebook
  • Country of Origin : Taiwan
  • Product Specifications /Features
    1. Free to Read: PC, iOS, Android Smart Phones & Tablets
    2. Multiple Formats: PDF(high resolution), EPUB & ebooks with multimedia
    3. Independent Website: Unique Ebook Platform for Your Library
    4. Single Sign On: Users Log in with Their Own ID/Password of Library
    5. Mobile Reading: “HyRead Library” APP for iPad/iPhone & Android Tools
  • Features of Service Model (1)
    1. Independent Website: Search and borrow eBooks on unique Ebook Ppatform of your library. Set up circulation policy and rules for your readers.
    2. eBook Readers PC/Tablet: On-line / Off-line reading on PC, iOS, Android smart phones & tablets.
    3. Multiple Users / Libraries: Borrow eBooks from several libraries if you got library cards.
    4. Single Sign On: Users log in with their own ID/password of library.
    5. Authorization Team: Obtain authorization of new books from publishers.
  • Features of Service Model (2)
    1. Digital Publishing: Produce and Publish Your Own eBooks on Platform
      • Set up own publications on eBook platform
      • Custom subjects of eBooks
    2. Protected by Hyweb DRM and applicable on all tools
      • The library offers unencrypted PDF / EPUB file ,which can make DRM to protect eBooks.
      • Shelving ebooks can immediately upgrade to support cross-carrier reading.
    3. Cost Down
      • Exclusive website and reader with your LOGO.(optional)
      • No costs of hardware and software for platform built ,maintenance and extra Fees.
      • Choose the level of platform renting and different charge that suit your organization.
    4. Painless Upgrade
      • Reader update to the latest version.
  • Awards & Glory
    - 2011 Taiwan I.T. Month Award for Outstanding I.T. Application/Products- The Best Digital content.
    - 2012 Taiwan 《Digital Times》 magazine " App Next Innovative Application Competition"- The Best Android-Tablet APP of the Year.
    - 2013 Taiwan Ministry of Culture "The 37th Golden Tripod Awards"-The Best Innovative Business Model.
    - 2014 Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs “Cloud Innovation Award” – The Best Cloud Innovation Application.
    - 2015
    - 2016 


Product Certification

Payment Details for Offline Orders

  • Minimum Order : 10 Piece(s)

Last Update : 2020-09-21
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