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Yu-Cha professional dust collect

Key Features

Great air flow. High static pressure.

No manual cleaning of filter element is required.

Turbo type air blower is excellent for 24 hours running without generation of high temperature.

A dust collector designed with innovative automatic shifting and blowing the filter element in Taiwan. It also features noiseless running without need of changing filtrating bag.

Applicable for various poisonous and non-poisonous powder dusts, such as graphite, fiber, food, carbon powder, aluminum powder, pesticide and medicine, etc

The filter element is manufactured of PET material with filtrating capacity up to 0.1µm (micron) of powder. Great filtrating area to prevent working environment from pollution. Suitable for dry and wet filtration and easy replacement.

When the dust collector stops, dust removing device starts for automatically removing dusts on the filter element. The dust removing method is employing automatic rotation principle to remove dusts on the filter element. Then using air pressure to blow off the tiny powder on the filter element surfaces. This effectively, prevents the filter element from jamming while extending the service life of the filter element.

Equipped with noise eliminating box to reduce noise.

Equipped with pressure gauge for checking jamming condition with ease.

The dust collector automatically creates an internal sieving air flow, that permits graphite powder or fiber directly drop into the dust collection tank according to centrifugal force principle. This prevents foreign objects from bumping against the filt

The oversized filter element is manufactured from corrugated PET material to increase filtration area, which is suitable for tiny powder.er element while extending its service life.

The oversized filter element is manufactured from corrugated PET material to increase filtration area, which is suitable for tiny powder.

The dust collect tank can be easily removed for cleaning by unbuckling the pull tab. (the tank is fitted with roller, easy to move).






Motor horsepower over 7.5HP is available.

A variable to equip with manual dust collector.

Small space occupation.

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Last Update : 2016-07-24
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