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Digital Coral Sand Moist Heating Pad

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Digital Coral Sand Moist Heating Pad
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Wisdom Examination Constant Softheat Moist Heating Pad

Key Features

Digital Coral Sand Moist Heating Pad

 Digital Coral Sand Moist Heating Pad is commonly used to treat pain related to muscle strain or tension. It's designed with natural coral sand which its raised fever generates far-infrared to penetrate deep into the body for better physical therapy. 

▶ Product Description

Constant Softheat Moist Heating Pad is designed for penetrate deep into the body for better physical therapy.

The application of moist heat is a commonly prescribed therapy in medical practice, especially in treating pain related to muscle strain or tension, which results in muscle spasm.

The LCD display performs multiple functions, not only to set-up temperature and time, but also to lock-up in order to avoid any remiss touching. The warning signal will be lighted up on the screen when the product is defective.   

❙ Product Features:

 Physiotherapy of Fomentation with Far Infrared and  Moisture

 Digital temperature control easy to read

 Automatically makes its own moisture

 Fomentation with Far Infrared

 For temporary pain relief and Physiological pain
 Wisdom examination for safety check

◎ Temperature setting: 45℃-70℃

 Meets CE / UL / GMP / ROHS Approved

  Size : 20”x23” / 14”x27” / 14”x20” / 14”x14” (Optional)

◎ Power: AC110V/AC220V (Optional) 

❙ Product Guideline:

  1. Fit the heating pad into the cotton cover sheet.
    NOTE: Always make sure a clean cotton cover sheet is on place the heating pad.
  2. Plug into the outlet of 200-250V/90-130V (40-70Hz ).
  3. After making sure that the skin is free from dirt and sweat, place
  4. Press the “ON / OFF” button “Bi” sound means power ON. The LCD will be displayed full segment and the ambient temp. And last setting time will be lighted up in the indicator panel.
  5. Press the temp “♨️” button to select the temperature.
  6. Press the time button to select the time
  7. Press the button to increase or decrease values.
  8. Continue to press in order to sustain increasing or decreasing of parameter Range: temperature: 45-75℃, time: 1-60 min.

Last Update : 2021-11-08
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