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ADVANCED/ HIGH TORQUE/ HIGH INTELLIGENCE ELECTRIC BICYCLES Motor system: 1. Small motor size. Dimensions: 181x135x130 mm 2. Motor weight: 3.6KG 3. High power. 36V / 48V, 250W / 500W 98NM-100NM Max, can climb the road 25 degrees. 4. Controller software, can be self-defined. Own PC software. The user can change the data, set the ride comfort. 4. Built-in power sensor, PAS torque sensor (bilateral) speed sensor, the world's first design. 5. Built-in speed-up device, pedal output ratio of 1: 1.4. 6. Motor without mounting angle, no limit. Can be installed at any angle. 7. Waterproof rating. IP 65. LCD display panel: 1. Voltage. 36V / 48V 2. Display the contents. Speed, power, gear, single mileage, total mileage, 6 km icon. Battery pack: 〔Optional〕 COSMOS MOTOR needs to be checked. 1. Voltage: 36V / 48V 2. Capacity: 8.8Ah / 10Ah Product Features: Torque perfect start, glide, so that the high level and stable operation. B. Bilateral torque, left and right signals are completely consistent. C. Controller perfect and torque two combined into one. The appearance is neat, can not see harness. D. Accurate, clean signal output, a reasonable electromechanical integration. E. The inner shell of all aluminum alloy, rust. F. Torque sensor, at any time to detect human tread torque . Bilateral torque signal output should be more sensitive, better riding experience. G. Built-in brushless Hall sine wave controller, low power consumption, low noise. Internal electrical parts are used internationally renowned company's products, to ensure that the products of excellent reliability and Products use long life. Reliable and durable.

Last Update : 2017-10-17
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