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Coral Jade Set for Bracelet and Pendant

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  • Occasion : Anniversary
  • Material : Other
  • Bracelets Stone Material : Coral
  • Gender : Women''''s
  • Style : China-Tibet

Key Features

Coral jade meaning:

Why China's beauty since ancient times to bring bracelets? It is said that for their own selection of natural A-level bracelets can be opened three games: career, love, fortune, premarital band bracelet good marriage, wedding bracelet with palm money, and boys send bracelets ladies wear belt is the token of love, bracelets in Love, love in the bracelet at.

Bracelets: auspicious, satisfied Choi, satisfactory meaning

Pendant: partial wealth, meaning of blessing

Coral jade introduction:

Coral jade fossil (also known as chrysanthemum jade) is a fossil jade that has undergone hundreds of millions of years of crustal movement, geothermal torment and high temperature and high pressure. Its pattern will produce different natural patterns due to different sizes and types of corals. Jade mineral composition of different colors are also colorful, of which the flower petals clear, closely arranged vivid and vivid as if a chrysanthemum fossil chrysanthemum fond of hands, is a rare collection of treasures.

Coral is the only life in the jewelry and the finished product color and pattern lines are "unique" is the "only thing" never overlap is not repeated is the Millennium Spirit, Enchanting, shiny, crystal clear, warm and pleasant, precious Coral, pearls and amber are listed as the three major organic gems in the West and are included among the Seven Treasures in the Oriental Buddhist scriptures. In ancient times, coral was considered auspicious and happy thing ~ representing noble and power ~ also known as "Rainbow" is a symbol of happiness and eternity.

Coral fossils are corals after the seafloor coral reefs formed by the infiltration of calcium and calcium, after hundreds of millions of years of continuous crustal changes in geothermal frying roasted for a long time under the action of high temperature and pressure to form fossils, the appearance of fresh and bright patterns like chrysanthemums, jade experts called chrysanthemum jade Alias ​​for fortune jade. Some of its special substitution was jade phenomenon (translucent) jade ornaments experts have become coral (hardness of 6-7 degrees) in the Yellowstone discussion called "organic gem"

Coral jade from Taiwan, Taiwan, because of its jade, also known as coral jade, divided into two kinds of black coral jade and red coral jade, of which the most precious red coral, the coral jade in Taiwan along the original lot, now Has been tapped. Very precious, rare and precious treasures than Hetian jade, very received value. This jade is only produced in Taiwan, is a witness of the sea.

Payment Details

  • Minimum Order : 1

Last Update : 2018-02-13
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Coral Jade Set for Bracelet and Pendant
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