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Continuous Fish Fryer

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Continuous Fish Fryer


  • Application : Chips, Nuts, Beans, Pellets, Snacks, Meats, etc.
  • Capacity of cooking oil : 440~850 LT
  • Certification : CE, UL, ISO9000
  • Feature : CIP System, Automatic Temperature Control
  • Fuel : LPG Gas, LNG Gas, Diesel, Electric
  • Function : Frying chips, snacks, meats, nuts, pellets, etc.
  • Key word : Continuous Fish Fryer
  • Material : 304 stainless steel
  • Quantity of heat : 200,000~400,000 kcal/hr

Key Features

Continuous Fish Fryer

Product Description

In order to satisfy the market, Our continuous oil fryer is suitable for frying a wide variety of products, no matter what shape or size they are. Nuts, pellets, extruded snacks. In Tsung Hsing’s unique design, continuous oil fryer with function of 2 highs and 3 savings.

2 highs: High heat recovery rate and high heat exchange rate. The effective heat recovery rate is up to 20%. The unique heat conduction design of the "Frying" series fryer can effectively enhance the heat exchange efficiency. Compared to other brands whose exhaust temperatures are over 600 degrees, the "Fryin" series fryer can reduce the temperature of the exhaust emissions by about 200 degrees, which proves that is improved effectively.

3 savings: Space saving, oil capacity saving and energy saving. Tsung Hsing’s original patented invention integrates the original external heating chamber into the fryer. Thus, the whole production line saves up to 40% of the floor space. The exposed cooking oil tubes are housed inside the machine body to shorten the length of tubing. Reducing the length of the tubes means reducing oil usage. The reduction in tubing also has another benefit: the number of required pump head is smaller. Thus there is a significant energy consumption saving.


  1. Mechanical oil capacity reduced by 20%
  2. Heat recovery utilization and burning heat exchange efficiency go up 20%
  3. Mechanical occupy space reduced by 20% to 40%
  4. Save electricity with reduced motor horsepower
  5. Reduce cost of machine procurement
  6. Reduce cost from machine configuration
  7. Improve safety in you work environment
  8. Beautiful stainless steel design makes it durable easy to clean
  9. Easy maintenance, conforms to GMP, HACCP standards
  10. Automatic temperature control
  11. CIP System


Certifications & Award

Tsung Hsing Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Taiwan, Asia. We are the leading manufacturer / supplier of food machine (food processing machine) with ISO9002 Certification which was approved by the Germany TÜV Rheinland Group in 1998, passed the CE certification in 2011, and won the 25th Taiwan Excellence in 2017. We also have the exclusive technology and patented in many countries such as India, Thailand, Germany, America, Malaysia…etc.



Our Services


When we receive inquiries, we will hand over to the sales who is  responsible for local market and introduct the suittible machine based on customer's product and need.

After checking detail confirmation, we'll send you an official contract and start to manufacture machines when we receive the deposit.

The machine will proceed with high quality control and we contact our customer to arrange balance remittance and shipment after complete production.

We also provide the overseas installation and after service, also provide the global maintainance regularily.

Besides, we offer global financing to our customers.



Company Information

Tsung Hsing was started in 1965 with the intention of providing automatic food processing machine. We are continually improving the quality and performance of our products, and our responsiveness to the unique needs of our valued customers.

We are a worldwide company, with a commitment to provide the highest level of equipment and service that allows our valued customers to reach their distinctive goals.

We design and manufacture a full line of automatic food processing machine for production of potato chips, grain puff (extruded snack food), baked snacks, fried snacks, peanuts, nuts, and other quality foods. Also we represent Urschel Laboratories, Inc. which is the world leader of cutting equipment.

We've built our business by partnering with customers to develop the processes and technology that make their products successful. Whatever the size of the project, we've always judged our success by the success of our valued customers.


Today, Tsung Hsing sells products to 60 countries all over the world and has more than 500 production lines. Tsung Hsing has always focused on its frying techniques, which are patented in many countries, including Taiwan, China, the USA, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Germany. After passing the stringent tests and requirements of major food processing groups and manufacturers around the world, all of its products and equipment have obtained great appreciation and affirmation. In 2015, Tsung Hsing is entering its 50th anniversary, which is a significant milestone. Tsung Hsing will continue to pursue specialized quality, providing fast and reliable service and enhancing its international competitiveness in the future. With the slogans “Tsung Hsing creates wealth for you” and “Tsung Hsing Golden Choice”, we will grow together with our customer sand in the mean time work towards the goal of being the “world’s best frying machine expert” to meet the next 50 years.  


Address:No. 669, An Jao Road, Yen Chao, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan


Fax:+886- 7-6166555






Product Certification

Payment Details for Offline Orders

  • Payment Terms : TT ,L/C
  • Minimum Order : 1 Set/ Sets

Last Update : 2018-01-04
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