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Clothing with Ovulation Calculator

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Smart  women ovulation calculator clothes give you warm regards!


  • Fabric Type : Velour
  • Style : Casual
  • Type : Shirt/Blouse

Key Features

Our range of smart clothes are made in Taiwan and come with an embedded ovulation calculator that can measure rises in body temperature and remind wearers of ovulation times.




Sinopulasar invented the smart clothes to detect the temperature of the body at all times, found fever of unknown origin in time, avoid missing the best treatment time .

Suitable crowd:female


Features:Measuring body temperature




Mold:MCU chip + sensor(Chip by TSMC(Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing )foundry)


Mode:Bluetooth or NFC



PS: need download app



Body temperature is a very important refer to the health of the human body,  as boys and girls body structure are different,  the boys' body temperature is generally at a constant value,  there is not much change,  but girl’s body temperature will change according to lutein change.



Observe the daily changes in body temperature, not only can know the health of the body, you can also monitor when day is ovulation day, or the best period of contraception,  the best period of pregnancy.



Some people use the download APP to enter the menstrual cycle and menstrual time to calculate ovulation and menstrual period, I have to say that every month menstrual period will be affected by many aspects, such as stay up late, mental stress,  diet.  The body temperature is not lying, The following is a variety of changes in the temperature of the situation.





 easy operation










about body temperature

Normal ovulation period


Female normal cycle of body temperature, it should be cross with 14-day low temperature period and 14 days high temperature period,  from the beginning of menstruation to ovulation is a low temperature period, the temperature will be lower than 36.4 °C,  and then from the ovulation period will be an average of about 36.8 °C.


No ovulation of the body temperature

Body temperature are very moderate to maintain the 36.4 up and down without particularly large ups and downs,this is not normal, there are many kinds of possibilities such as:hypothalamic disorder, Ovarian dysfunction ,weight loss, If this is the case for a long time, recommended to the hospital for examination.


Easy pregnancy

Under normal situation,it is most likely to be pregnant within 10 days before and after ovulation,if you intend to do pregnancy can be pregnant during this period of time.


After pregnancy

High temperature for 20 days has not yet entered the low temperature state, And no other unusual things happen,it time may be pregnant.


 Maybe abortion

Pregnancy into the high temperature period, if the temperature suddenly reduced, there may be abortion, it is recommended to the hospital to check to find out the reasons.


Lutein concentration is not enough

When ovulation, the body temperature began to rise slowly, this situation shows that the secrete of Lutein is not fast enough, so it was slow to rise, also on behalf of the poor ovulation, this time the chance of pregnancy fell.


Corpus luteum function bad

The general ovulation period will last 14 days, but when the high temperature period is not more than 10 days and then slow down, then the body of the corpus luteum function is not good to conception, it is recommended to conditioning the body.


unique design

Bluetooth module is a lithium battery, can be c

1.Bluetooth module is a lithium battery,  can be charged.


2.NFC module is no battery,  the NFC module  is available when the phone is sensed.


3.Active and passive difference is that the Bluetooth initiative to send the temperature to the phone, so it is active;  NFC need to get close to the phone to get the temperature value,  so the NFC module is passive.    



hargedNFC module is no battery, the NFC module is available when the phone is sensed。

Active and passive difference is that the Bluetooth initiative to send the temperature to the phone, so it is active; NFC need to get close to the phone to get the temperature value, so the NFC module is passive                  

Last Update : 2019-06-10
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