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Bolt and Nut Torque Tester

Model No.
NST series
Made in
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Its limitless potential meets various applications of angle-torque measurement

Key Features

Adopting the measurement requirements in JIS B 1084 and ISO 16047 standards, the tester has been developed for testing fasting force of fasteners . It is capable for testing clamp force, tightening torque, thread torque, tightening rotating angle and extension of bolt.

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  • This machine is for measuring the tightening torque (T), tightening clamping force (F) & thread torque (Tth) of bolts in accordance to JIS B 1084 testing requirements.
  • Testing speed of 30RPM can also be set as per ISO 16047 requirements.
  •  Rotation Angle vs Torque Axial Force graph, Torque vs Axial Force graph, Extension vs Axial Force graph, Extension vs Torque graph can be obtain in one single test.
  • Measurement of bolt “Reverse Movement Prevention” specified by JASO F 106-96 is also possible.
  •  As the machine is linked to a personal computer, test graphs can be printed instantly via built-in printer.
  • Changing and saving of test conditions and data can be perform easily.
  • Test data can also be exported to spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel for customization.
  • Test Items :-
    • Tightening Clamping Force (F)
    • Tightening Torque (T)
    • Thread Torque (Tth)
    • Rotation Angle (θ)
  • Calculated Items :-
    • Torque Co-efficient (K)
    • Bearing Surface Friction Torque (Tb)
    • Yield Clamping Force (Fy)
    • Yield Tightening Torque (Ty)
    • Ultimate Clamping Force (Fu)
  • Self Locking Nut
    • Proof Load Test
    • Initial Test
    • Repetitive Test
Model NST-100NM NST-500NM NST-1000NM NST-1500NM
Maximum Tightening Torque 100Nm 500Nm 1000Nm 1500Nm
Resolution 0.01Nm 0.01Nm 0.1Nm 0.1Nm
Accuracy ± 2% of Applied Torque
Maximum Clamping Force 50kN 100kN 250kN 350kN
Resolution 0.001kN 0.001kN 0.01kN 0.01kN
Accuracy ± 2% of Applied Load
Maximum Thread Torque 100Nm 300Nm 750Nm 1000Nm
Resolution 0.01Nm
Accuracy ± 2% of Applied Torque
Angle Display -9999.9 ~ 9999.9 Deg (Maximum 5 digit display)
Resolution 0.1 Deg
Accuracy ± 0.3 Deg
Displacement 0 ~10mm
Resolution 0.001mm
Accuracy ± (50 + 0.1L ) µm where L is the arbitrary length in mm
Test Speed 0.05 ~ 40rpm (20 ~14400Deg) 0.05 ~ 20rpm (20 ~ 7200Deg)
Power Supply 3 Phase AC 220V (50/60Hz) - 20A 3 Phase AC 200V (50/60Hz) - 30A 3 Phase AC 200V (50/60Hz) - 30A
Dimension W1350 x D515 x H1110mm W1620 x D618 x H1335mm W1890 x D625 x H1260mm
Weight Approx. 400kg Approx. 500kg Approx. 650kg


Last Update : 2017-11-17
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