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BDA (Bi-directional Anion Generator)

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The product is lightweight and easy to hand-carry, but also power-saving (BDA only needs an external 5V DC / USB adapter can enjoy up to tens of millions of negative ions output! As for PNA type is more lightweight and convenient to carry around, only DC 1.5V internal battery, Or an external DC / USB is more conducive to creating a clean and refreshing environment where indoor phytosterol & negative ions are simultaneously released, or safely guiding negative ion potential energy (like Qi energy) through cotton fiber (none electromagnetic waves) to balance or improve daily life In the environment, due to pressure, emotions and toxic pollutants such as electromagnetic waves, plastic products, or dust in the air in the E-Earth environment, more positive ions interfere with the body and mind, and even newspapers and magazines mention invisible air pollution. It is an invisible killer that seriously affects the respiratory problems of the lungs! Including reports that PM2.5 is a carcinogenic risk factor, etc., Air pollution leads to an increase in the rate of lung adenocarcinoma, etc._ plus some more abrupt viruses such as EPOLA Ebola virus / Middle East MERS virus / US H1N1 virus / Severity of continental air pollution and H7N9 / H8N10 bird flu virus and other positive ion microbes threaten human health , Environmental air pollution are domestic and foreign experts and anti-virus experts are now pay more attention to study how to really take advantage of the high amount of negative ions to purify the air and make your nose and mouth protection security , so this kind of issues should not be ignored at the stage of earth environment crisis. . For more details, please click-onto our website at : www.turnwinbc.com Our you may link to our video demonstration film on YouTube at: (You Tube ) 1) BDA:Bi-directional Anion (Negative Ions) Generator En. translation demonstration film: http://youtu.be/6yuM81wEmYI (2) PNA:Portable Natural-conducting Anion Potential Generator Demo Film (Ch. Version): https://youtu.be/BiW6nWjwBsQ (Simple version) https://youtu.be/-O_X_xh8E7A TurnWin website: http://www.turnwinbc.com http://www.turnwinbc.url.tw

Last Update : 2019-07-08
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