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Battery-Saviors Regenerating Renewable Waste-Battery

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  • Size : 250mmX150mmX200mm
  • Voltage : 12V, 8V, 6V

Key Features

We have several patents and products, referred to the following company-web-site. Hope to find more partners or distributors to create new huge business. About our total-solution of Increasing battery's Lifetime & Regenerating Renewable "Waste" Battery used in cars/motorcycles/forklifts/golfcarts/UPS/ships/solar-energy-equipment, it will be helpful to increase by additional 2 years of lifetime and improve the performance of battery in cold Winter. Our products include: Battery_Nano-Active-Additives-Agents(A.A.A.), Battery_Charger & Phone-sized_Handheld_Detector. Every business-spot only needs an employee, since he can control 20~30 Automatic-Chargers, so that our total-solution will save manpower allocation.

1. Flow of 『Renewing "Waste" Lead-Acid / NiCd / NiMH Batteries』- English Version video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_BJezl6WSc

2. 2013 1/16~1/18 Japan International Electric-Auto, Hybrid-Auto & Novel-Energy ExhibitionsImplementation & instruction video in Japanese after these Exhibitions



3. Implementations video @ Youtube for the Thai market: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/ERaWfKOmlBc/. Besides, We had demonstrated our products to the public in the exhibition of Taipei_Green_Industry_Show in Taipei_World_Trade_Center during.2009/10/21.

4. This battery was output to the market in 24, March, Republic of China 92 (AD 2003), and then was abandoned in AD 2005. After using our nano-active additive-agents(N.A.A.A.), now this battery can still make the truck launch normally (having engine noise and buzzing speaker) in 22, October, AD 2011. The truck is owned by our customer of 包讚Machinery Factory in Taichung, Taiwan.


Our products have sold to Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, South-Africa, and to Malaysia& Singapore with a partner of Singapore-listed-company, to India & Bangladesh with partners of Taiwan_Chamber_of_Commerce_in_India & Bangladesh, and to Yunnan Province & Guangdong Province of China.

The following is Our Taiwan Factory: http://www.goodwilling.com.tw/0Introduction_English.html, and Product English website: http://www.goodwilling.com.tw/0Index_English.html.

We sincerely hope for future cooperation with you to open up "Waste-Battery-Regeneration" huge business opportunities~


AutoCharger_and_Active-Additive-Agents(A.A.A.)_Regenerating_Waste-Lead-Acid-Battery [HD] :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=My-bCpWSFro&feature=channel_video_title



Active-Additive-Agents(A.A.A.) :
1. Increasing effectively the duration or life of batteries.
   -Strengthening the electrical characteristics of lead-acid-batteries that are new or in use.
   -Regenerating the nearly-ineffective, or waste lead-acid-batteries to work well.
2. Improving the faculty of lead-acid-batteries in cold (low temperature) environments.
3. Enhancing the electrical characteristics of batteries, so as to reduce the volume of exhaust emitted from motorcycles or cars.

Battery-Detector in cellphone-size
1. Detecting and analyzing the terminal-voltage (V) and residual-capacity (%) of rechargeable -batteries, as the basis of the judgment (renewable waste-batteries.or not), and selection of charging-mode in the regenerating-flow of Auto-chargers.
2. Screening out the open-circuit or short-circuit of rechargeable-batteries.

1. Auto charging operation for reducing operators.
2. Regenerating the renewable waste batteries with the Active-Additive-Agents.

Last Update : 2013-09-23
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