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Balsalia BalsaBNoni

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Key Features

BalsaNoni -  Most Tasty NONI Product Ever

Aged   Alkaline   Tasty  -  Promote Harmonic Healthy Functions

◎ Long-term Fermented & Concentrated NONI Enzyme
★ Over 365 days purely fermented (no water or sugar added) NONI enzyme.
★ Contains rich nutrition that promote effectively the digestion and metabolism.
★ Multiple anti-oxidization elements that enhance the body immunity functions.
◎ Aging Brewed Ume (Japanese Saur Plum)
★ Contamination-free farming method that assure excellent Ume quality.
★ The long-term fermentation process eliminates the shape taste of regular UME.
★ Vegetative amino acids that present balsamic taste and rich nutrition.
◎ Extra-Aged Balsamic Vinegar from Modena Italy
★ Naturally and traditionally fermented product of Aceto Balsamico in Italy.
★ White European Oak barrels stored and aged for excellent flavor.
★ Harmonic & balanced acidity-sweetness unfolds multi-level of rich fragrant.
◎ Recommended Usage – Serve Twice A Day
★ Serve 20 ml each time in the morning and evening daily.
★ Direct oral intake or dilute with cold water as flesh drink.
  (please note: water temperature less than 40 ℃)
★ Serve before meals for better absorption effectiveness.

Bottle Content:300 ml
Preservation Period: 3 years
(under well-sealed condition)
Preservation Condition:Room Temp. 
Prevent high temperature storage
Prevent direct sunlight incidence
Serve within 90 days upon bottle opened

100%  Natural
No Chemical Antiseptics
No Residual Pesticides
No Toxic Heavy Metals
No Cloud Agent Added

Product Certification

Last Update : 2012-04-12
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