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Baby Care Product Wireless Temperature Monitor

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  • Measurement Position  : Armpit
  • Range of Temperature  : 10°C ~ 43.0°C (50.0°F ~ 104.0°F)
  • Accuracy  : ±0.1 °C / 0.2°F between 32°C ~ 43.0°C (89.6°F ~ 109.4°F)
  • Effective Distance  : 160 feet distance (approx. 50M) in an open space
  • Frequency of Transmission  : 433.92 MHz
  • Memory Function  : 200 sets

Key Features

The Family Doctor Smart Wireless Thermometer

For Safety Baby Room

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Product Description


Wireless Temperature Monitor could be a helpful assistant at home. From now on, monitoring your little one's temperature at ease. Even from another room, the device effectively and accurately detect the baby's temperature from distance.

Our new device Wireless Temperature Monitor is a technologically advanced medical device intended for remote monitoring of body temperature for up to 80 hours of continuous use. It is intended for children 3 years old to adult. The device consists of two parts: the transmitter and the receiver. The transmitter monitors body temperature (via the underarm wearable sensor), then automatically transmits the measured temperature reading to the remote receiver. 

ST-323 Baby Temperature Monitor/ Baby Temperature Alarm continuosly measures baby temperature in every 10 seconds and transmit the data to receiver from distance. It is especially useful when kids suffered from fever. ST-323/333 fever temperature thermometer device will alert you once the temperature rises beyond the normal figure, thus enhaces the sleep quality for both baby and parents.




1. Clinically Accurate: 

Meets or exceeds ASTM and CE accuracy standards.

2. Accuracy Assurance Function: 

Temperature reading transmits every 5 seconds.

3. Fever alarm and fever receding points setting: 

Hi and Lo.

4. Memory Function: 

Tracks previous readings every 30 minutes.

5. Alarm Function: 

Alarm sounds when temperature deviates from personalized pre-set parameters.

6. Additional Alarm Function: 

Alarm sounds should sensor become disconnected.

7. Clock Function.

8. Room Temperature Function: 

Scans and reads ambient temperature.

9. Backlit for easy night reading when any button on the control panel is touched.

10. FCC approved transmission frequency: 


11. Measures in Centigrade and Fahrenheit.




Transmitter: 2.24 x .60 x .72 in.

Receiver: 2.85 x 2.85 x .90 in.


Transmitter: approx. 36g (.2 oz)(without battery)

Receiver: approx. 44.2g (.49 oz) (without battery)

Product Material: 

Transmitter: ABS

Receiver: ABS

Type of Batteries: 

Transmitter: 3V x  (CR2032)

Receiver: AAA / .5V x 2

Life of Batteries:

Transmitter: Approx. > 500hrs

Receiver: Approx. > 200hrs


Backlight will be ON for 5 sec. when you press any button

Effective Distance for Transmission and Reception: 

60 feet distance (approx.50M) in an open space. If there are objects in that space, the transmission distance will be affected.

Range of Temperature Settings: 

0.0°C ~ 43.0°C (50.0°F~ 09.4°F)

Temperature Accuracy: 

±0.°C / 0.2°F between 32°C ~ 43.0°C (89.6°F ~ 09.4°F) ±0.5°C / .0°F beyond above range

Storage environment: 

Transmitter / Receiver Ambient temperature: -0.0°C ~ 60.0°C (4.0°F ~ 40.0°F) Humidity: 30% -80% RH

Temperature Measurement Interval: 

Transmitter measures body temperature once every 5 seconds.

Transmitting Signal: 

When transmitter detects body temperatures exceeding the High-Low range three (3) times in a row, it transmits a signal to the receiver to sound an alarm.

Sound of Receiver Alarm: 

Low:  Long BiBiBi

High: Short BiBiBi

Frequency of Transmission:  433.92 MHz
Memory Function:  200 sets 

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  • Low MOQ - Putting client interests ahead of ours, thus we are willing to provide flexible range of MOQ. 
  • Quick Reply - We attach great importance to every question our customers may have. Promptly replying would be the first step showing the value.
  • Short lead time - Shortening the lead time to ensure customer obtaining goods at the first time.
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  • OEM/ODM Service - We will do our best efforts to satisfy our client's requirement.
  • 100% Quality Control - Strict quality control and thoroughly inspecting products are the way we have won our partner's confidence.
  • High quality After-Sales Service - We believe that our every single deal starts from our client receiving products.

Company Information




 CEI Technology Inc. was established in February 2006 and is a leading company in healthcare, beauty, and medical; and that with our unique business model that combines marketing and R&D together, which can promise to provide newest and best technology product for you, also to ensure you and our success will continue; we will focus on developing what customers really need and want.   


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Last Update : 2018-10-16
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