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Aluminum Bicycle part, disc brake adapter, extrusion, CNC milling

Mark'skill Enterprise Co., Ltd.
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Aluminum Bicycle part, disc brake adapter, extrusion, CNC milling

Key Features

Mark’skill Company is a professional precision metal part manufacturer. We do OEM to manufacture the goods according the customer’s design. From the material, CNC machining, surface treatment, till finished product and packing can be fulfilled the requests of diversified process, exceptional quality, and punctual delivery.

Our top qualified and well-experienced team find out the best solution for manufacturing and conduct meticulous and extensive tests under German rigorous style. Absolutely, the distinguished production quality is driving Mark’skill to succeed and win clients’ trust.

 Professional ISO 9001-2015 certified metal part manufacturer
Acquiring ISO9001-2015 certificate, we build up the regulations for the quality controlling and follow up the SOP to ensure the delivery on standard quality status.
▪ Materials for CNC machining
CNC machining can be used with a very wide range of engineering metals, such as alloy aluminum and steel. We can achieve the requested material status and hardness.
▪ Process
The material can be shaped by forging, extrusion, stamping or all CNC machined.
▪ Forging and machining service
Currently our factory is equipped with two hot forging machines with 1200 tons to shape and strength the density of workpiece. Besides, the forging blanks or raw materials can be machined by CNC lathing and milling. Besides, our CNC machines are equipped with 4.5 axis and 4 axis rotary table to produce high precision parts and increase the production efficiency.
▪ Surface treatment
After machining, the below surface treatment can be applied for surface smoothing, corrosion resistance, pleasing surface coating, and company logo.
1. sandblasting
2. anodizing
3. hard anodizing
4. liquid coating
5. powder coating
6. E.D.
7. laser engraving
▪ Precision measuring laboratory
To ensure quality, we measure with extensive precision inspection equipment and tools.
1. Sheffield Discovery II CMM
2. 2.5D projector
3. thread gauge
4. pin gauge
5. film thickness tester
6. roughness tester
7. hardness tester
▪ OEM service
We do custom design and manufacture for the below application component.
1. bicycle parts
2. motorcycle parts
3. tooling parts
4. CNC machined parts
5. furniture parts
6. sanitary ware
▪ Factory location: Taiwan
All made in Taiwan. We have a complete supplier chain for resource integration and delivery on time.
▪ Client
We have built up a stable cooperation with leading and famous bicycle, motorcycle and tooling manufacturers from all over the world.

For further information or inquiry, please feel free to contact us.
Mark'skill Enterprise Co., Ltd. 

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