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Alef Restore Oyster Shell All Natural Multi-Cleaner

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Alef Restore Co.
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A 100% natural cleaner with scientifically proven.When alcohol is in short supply, it can be an effective alternative.


  • Alef Restore Oyster Shell All Natural Multi-Cleaner : 500ml / bottle
  • Alef Restore Oyster Shell All Natural Multi-Cleaner : 60 ml
  • Alef Restore Oyster Shell All Natural Multi-Cleaner : 80g/refilled jar
  • Alef Restore Oyster Shell All Natural Multi-Cleaner : 0.5 g/ pack, 25 packs/box

Key Features

The Alef Restore Oyster Shell All Natural Multi-Cleaner Family:

* 500ml Spray Bottle – Reusable, family size, and Convenient for Everyday Use 
   around the house.
* 60ml Spay Bottle – Refillable, carry in a pocket, purse, summer tote, or your 
   child’s  school bag.
* Single Fill Packs – One-time use convenience pack.  Each individual packet 
   contains ½ gram of our active ingredient.
* Refill Jar – Save big with our most economical size.  Each jar contains 80 grams
  of our active ingredient.

Usage Directions
        The items in Alef Restore Multipurpose Cleaner line were carefully selected to reflect our ideals of Natural, Organic, and Environmental-Friendly.  All our spray bottles are made of premium grade Polyethylene material, resistant to the strong alkalinity of our cleaners, and capable of multiple reuses.   Please do not throw any of our bottles away.  Instead, reuse them as often and as long as possible.  And if they do become worn, they are completely recyclable.

        Each Single Fill Pack has just the right amount to be diluted with water into the 500ml spray bottle.  Pour the entire packet into the 500ml spray bottle, then fill to the neck with water.  Make sure the spray nozzle is screwed securely in place.  Give it a little shake, and you are ready to clean!

        If you want to carry the cleaner with you so you can sanitize the surfaces you might come in contact with when you are outside the house, the 60ml spray bottle will come in handy.  After you have mixed up the 500ml bottle, just use a funnel and carefully pour and fill the smaller bottle.  Your personal spray bottle will have the same cleaning power and gives you peace of mind wherever you need to take extra precautions.

        For those home makers who are always obsessed with keeping your living environment clean, we offer the larger 100 grams jar.  It comes with a small measuring spoon for your convenience.  For the 500ml bottle, use a flat spoon.  Mix a heaping spoon to 3 liters of water when washing vegetables and fruits.  Use 3 to 5 heaping spoons, for a full load of laundry.  Spread a thin layer inside your shoes or under the dog bed to help reduce odor.

This is Alef Restore
        Our company started from a simple desire to bring back Balance between Man and Nature.  In between our search for the Environmental-Friendly, the Organic produce, and the Natural process, we are committed to bring you the best products that you can consume with peace of mind.  We hope that you will see there is a difference between a product consisting of only wholesome ingredients, and a product that claims to be Green but is made up of artificial chemicals.  Accompany us on our journey to restore Health, Happiness, and Hope, one product at a time.

Last Update : 2021-02-03
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