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Harvest EveryYear
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Harvest EveryYear

Key Features

1.Ke-Jun(剋菌)-Eliminates the bad bacteria and kills all the germs underground:
Contain chitin secrete antibiotics, chitin enzyme and antibiotics which will increase Actinomycin rapidly to prevent Fusarium and Alternarium from the crops. Ke-Jun improves the crops and eliminates the bacteria in the soil to prevent rotting root.
2.Nong-Bao(農寶)-Strong soil refinement:
Over dosage of using pesticides, chemical fertilizers have harmed the soil and make it as “Dead soil” which does not contain any microorganism. “Nong-Bao” can not only decompose the accumulative toxins and turn the harden, calcified soil into“live soil but also use enormous amounts of microorganisms to against all kinds of bacteria damages.
3.Gun-Bao(果寶)-The best liquid fertilizer with phosphorous and potassium:
This product contains several of Chitosan with phosphorous and potassium. It promotes and accelerates the growth rate of the fruit. This product can also increase the brightness of the colors of fruits and flowers, and increase the sweetness of fruits nearly twice as they were before.
4.Ke-Chung(剋蟲)- Pure natural preventive pesticides:
This unique formula made from all pure natural materials and comes in two forms: powder and oil. It’s all natural ingredients only take effects on the non-blood creature; and it’s harmless to all animals and human. While other insecticides kill chemically, diatomaceous earth kills bugs physically by actually puncturing the insect’s exoskeleton, disrupting its waxy shell structure, chewing its digestive organs, and causing death by dehydration within a very short time.
5.Mei-Jun Won (滅菌王)- Eliminate all the bacteria and virus:
This product uses the Oxidation method to decompose the cells of bacteria/bug eggs and destroy its enzyme system within 30 seconds to 10 minutes to devitalize all the bacteria and bug eggs underground. Thus, bacteria and bug eggs will disappear without residual thru photolysis. This non-toxic product is totally safe and harmless to human and animals. It is a great substitution for bleach in killing and preventing bacteria and virus such as SARS, H1N1, molds etc., and will not produce any harmful chemicals.

Directions of using Biotechnology to plant crops 1,000 square meters for each unit
Step1:Flood the farm for 7-10 days.
Step2:Mix 0.2 kg of Mei-Jun-Won, 1.6 kg of water and 0.2 kg of activator together for 30 minutes. (The proportion of Mei-Jun-Won to water to activator is 1:8:1 per 1,000 square meters)
Step3:Add water to dilution with 1:250 ratios. (The combination is 2 kg, so put 500kg of water)
Step4:Spray on the land surface at the depth of 10 cm.
Step5:After finishing Step 4 for 48 hours, fertilize 100-140 kg of organic fertilizer. (The proportion of organic fertilizer for nitrogen to phosphorous to potassium is 2:2:2 per 1,000 square meters)
Step6:Mix 1 kg of Ke-Chung and 500 times of water and stir it. Then pour 1 kg of Nong-Bao. (The proportion of Je-Jun to Nong-Bao to water is 1:1:500 per 1,000 square meters)(Note:1. Follow the steps in sequence 2. The appropriate time to irrigate your crops is in the early morning or evening in order to avoid sun exposure.)                                                                                                                             Step7:Spray on the organic soil; the more moisture, the better. After the rain is the most appropriate time.

Step8:10 -15 days to leave the soil dry naturally .Then dig it and plant crops.
Step9:After planting crops for 7-10 days, follow Step 6 again.
Step10:Dilute 1 kg of Ke-Chung Powder with 500 kg of water per 1,000 square meters to spray evenly on the crops. If aphis, spider, or risso appears, add 1 kg of Ke-Chung Oil with 500 kg of water dilution to spray evenly on the crops.
        Tip:Use silk stockings on the spray gun to prevent the percolation of spray gun due to the residues of the powders from Ke-Chung Powder when spray)

Last Update : 2011-08-14
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