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Activated H2O™ Boiling Water Tap

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Activated H2O™ Boiling Water Tap
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  • Type : Water Dispenser Parts

Key Features

Activated H2O™ Boiling Water Tap

Activated H2O™ offers hot, cold, and instant boiling water to save time,
energy and water in a single stylish, covenient and space-saving unit.

A compact, stylish and top quality product matches your home or work environment.

Free yourself from kettle cluster and liberate one more plug point with Activated H2O™.

Instant Hot Water
" Alupower™  Heat Technology™“  activates boiling water in 4 seconds.

Our carefully designed safety mechanisms make it an accident-free boiling water tap.

As you only use precisely what you need, there is very little water and energy wastage, achieving a greener household.

User Friendly
Enjoy boiling water at the touch of a button.


Activated H2O™ 's aesthetics and innovative design will bring a modern lifestyle into your kitchen.

Every Second Counts

Get instant boiling water at your fingertips, straight from your kitchen tap, with Activated H2O™. Perfect for making drinks or getting meals underway in a flash, they combine safety, stylish design and cutting-edge technology.  

Activated H2O™ is the Safest water heating device

Your safety is our top priority. Carefully designed thermostant and sensor control prevent water from over heating, anti scalding system prevent users from activating boiling water accidentally.

Taste of Freshness

Alupower™ heating technology keeps sufficient oxygen in the water;
helping the water in your body stay balanced.
Besides users' safety, we are also guarding your “drinking water health”.
Delimesca™ Effectively removed contaminants and calcium makes water
even more refreshing than ever.

Guarding the Quality

Delimesca™ purify tap water, removes chlorine, contaminants and calcium. It also improves the taste of drinking water, extend the heater and the faucet’s life cycle. Enjoying a glass of refreshing, perfectly filtered drinking water couldn’t be easier with Activated H2O™ .

The Heart Wants What It Wants

The most suitable water temperature for drinking

A cup of warm water similar to our body temperature;
drinking little by little slowly without causing extra burden to your body!

Ideal temperature for making baby’s milk

Baby can't wait!
Activated H2O™ is always there.
No more chaos when babies are hungry!

The temperature that creates cups of decent coffee

Take a sip of your favorite coffee to recharge yourself at any time.

The temperature that highlights the special feature of teas

95 ℃ water reveals the unique aroma of teas.


    Activated H2O™ Boiling Water Tap

Last Update : 2020-10-20
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