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Disposable Plastic Mini Ice Cream Spoon

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TAIR CHU ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.More About This Product
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Perfect Ice Cream with Perfect Spoon


  • Size : 8.5cm
  • Weight : 1.5g /pcs
  • Material : PP
  • MPQ : 5000pcs/ctn

Key Features


Disposable Plastic Mini Ice Cream Spoon


Product Description

(More information: www.tairchu.com.tw)
(More information: www.cutleryfestival.com)  
(Contact us:   sales@tairchu.com.tw  ) 

Model NumberTC-850-PP-Spoon
Ice Cream Spoon Length8.5cm
Ice Cream Spoon Weight 1.5g
Ice Cream Spoon MaterialPP
Ice Cream Spoon ColorPink、Blue、Green、Yellow、Orange、White、Black 

1.  2016 New Design Ice Cream Spoon Set

2.  Heavy duty small Ice Cream Spoon Set

3.  Perfect size for your favorite dessert &  Ice Cream Spoon

4.  Directly from factory with competitive price and high quality

5.  Color  Ice Cream Spoon


With more than 30 years in plastic tableware industry, Tair Chu has been continuously accumulating experience in plastic fork  and disposable spoons manufacturing. To meet HACCP,ISO22000,and NSF requirements, we further relocate our plant and  build cleanroom in 2014 to produce highest quality plastic cutlery for the global market. As a leader in the plastic cutlery industry, we keep improving in cutlery design, tooling development and manufacturing flow to distinguish our product from others. Our Plastic Spoon product line includes small dessert plastic spoon series, hot food friendly spoon series, heart shaped spoon series, and plastic ice cream spoon etc. We are pleased to provide the best and most professional services. Please contact us if any.


Packaging Info

Ice Cream Spoon Standard Packing
Ice Cream Spoon MPQ    5000pcs (200 pcs x 25 bags/ carton)

Customized Cutlery Packing Available 

Tair Chu's Cutlery Single Wrapped Packing Available 
We are specialized in plastic cutlery includes heavy duty plastic cutlery and light weight disposable cutlery. According to customer's requirement from all directions, we can offer various combination of plastic cutlery pack to fulfill customer's needs and expectations. Disposable cutlery is available made in PP, PS, PLA materials. Please visit our products or contact us for more if you have further question.

"Pick Tair Chu cutlery you like; and we can pack any combination you want."


TAIR CHU manufactures the tableware in Taiwan. In our hearts, the cutlery is important that it is the bridge between the food and our mouth, so to respond the market demand and improve quality control, TAIR CHU has been certificated with ISO 22000 and HACCP.
2017 TC cutlery 
Related Products

(More information: www.tairchu.com.tw)
(More information: www.cutleryfestival.com)  
(Contact us:   sales@tairchu.com.tw  )  

Plastic Disposable Spoon/Plastic Cutlery Series 
Tair Chu provides plastic cutlery with various of weights and different plastic materials. You can find almost all sizes of plastic spoons, plastic forks and plastic knives for takeout food. Our cutlery is widely used in many occasions such as parties, wedding banquet, picnic and of course bakery and ice cream shops. Most of the cutlery is designed by ourselves with unique shape, excellent function and diversified colors to satisfy the consumers’ demand for high quality and difference in food package. Seeing is believing. Call or contact us for more plastic cutlery information and samples. 



Special Shape Tableware 

10cm Cake Fork The 10cm French Dessert Cake Fork is great for you to enjoy cake and fruit. The cake fork is PS material, also the fork passed the FDA test by SGS.

The 14cm plastic cutlery is made by PP material. The plastic spoon with natures of heat-resisting up to 120°C, the spoon is good for hot and cold food.

Our Services

Tair Chu provide the service including
1.    Plastic tableware design – Tell us your ideas, and we will help you to fulfill it.
2.    Plastic tableware review – Our solid experience will help our customers identify the potential problems of new design products and provide the market insight before going into the mass production
3.    Plastic tableware manufacture – Our factory environment, manufacture experience, and quality control will be the best backup for your products.
4.    Plastic products OEM – Tair Chu is a company with 30 plus experience in the plastic injection industry. We manufacture more than 3000 different products including home appliance, fitness equipment, car accessories and medical assistive devices. Our know-how and supply chain will provide you the best answers for your new design items.
5.    Assemble and Package Design– Good package design is the key for the marketing and sales. Our design team will provide the feedback to ensure the customers’ need is incorporated into the final package design

Process Flow

Production Process.jpg

Tableware / Product Development  
Step 1 Understanding customers’ demand and requirement
Step 2 Engineering drawings, hand drawings, or similar samples provided from customers
Step 3 Proposal and Quotation
Step 4 Order Confirmation
Step 5 Product drawing confirmation (7-10 days)
Step 6 Prototyping (if necessary, 7-14 days)
Step 7 Building the mould and tooling (30-55 days)
Step 8 Packaging Confirmation
Step 9 Samples confirmation (7-10 days)
Step 10 Mass Production
Step 11 Quality Inspection
Step 12 Delivery


Q:     How do I pick the right cutlery? What’s the different between PP and PS Cutlery?
A:     PS cutlery usually has high stiffness but easily get fragile. It is cold food friendly cutlery. PP cutlery has high impact resistant but is with less stiffness. PP cutlery is hot food friendly cutlery. Cutlery with the length less than 15cm usually used for take-out meal with small boxes, desserts, and fruits. Long cutlery can be used in picnic, and banquets.
Q:     What is PLA or CPLA cutlery?
A:     PLA or CPLA cutlery are eco-friendly cutlery. CPLA cutlery is hot food friendly cutlery. Both cutlery can react in landfills like other organic waste. It is 100% decompostable and biodegradable. PLA or CPLA cutlery also have high stiffness. The characteristics are similar as that of PS cutlery.
Q:     Is PS or PP cutlery decompostable or biodegradable?
A:     PS or PP cutlery is recyclable, but decompostable or biodegradable. 
Q:     Can I order small quantity as the trial order? 
A:     Yes, we accept small order of our existing cutlery.
Q:     Can I have the cutlery with my own embossment logo?
A:     Yes, we have strong experience in helping customer fulfill his/her design. Every year we build around 30-40 different products for our customers.
Q:     Can I have logo print on the existing cutlery?
A:     We suggest customer to print the logo on the boxes or do the embossment on the cutlery. We usually don’t recommend customers print logo or artwork on the cutlery because of the concern of the contamination. In addition, the cost of the logo print will be much higher than product itself.
Q:     What’s the price for customized cutlery? Is it very expensive?
A:     We can build the cutlery based on customers’ demand and budget to find the best solution to satisfy customers’ customized desire.
Q:     How do I start the customized project?
A:     Please send us your 3D design drawings. If you don’t have the drawings, you can send us your hand drawings or the referral, and also advise the cutlery length and usage. After fully understanding your thoughts, we can help you design the brand new cutlery.
Q:     What’s the lead time for the process?
A:     In general, it will take 7-10 days to design the new cutlery. It will take another 30-40 days to build the toolings. If you need the prototype before building the tooling, it will need another 5 days.

Company Information

As a professional plastic injection moulding products manufacturer, Tair Chu provides not only in-housed design products such as plastic cutlery but also customized products for customers with big brand name around the world. To respond the market demand and improve quality control, Tair Chu has been certificated with ISO 22000 and HACCP since 2014.

Tair Chu Enterprise Co., Ltd. has strong background in the plastic injection industry.

Established in 1978, Tair Chu began from manufacturing plastic chair for domestic furniture distributors. Over the past thirty five years, with good reputation in product quality, on-time delivery and promptness in customer service, Tair Chu accumulate solid experience in developing a variety of customized plastic products and countless customers in a varety of industries including food packaging, fitness equipment, home appliance, car accessory and electronic device.

In 2008, Tair Chu made decision to lower the reliance on non-food packaging products and set up the direction for long term product development in food packaging industry. Since then, we built all kinds of disposable plastic cutlery and disposable food containers for either general customers or brand customers. In order to meet customers' demand for production environment and HACCP standard, we have not only been continuously improving the processing procedures but also invested largely in production capacity and facility expansion.

In 2014, Tair Chu has relocated to our new factory building with dedicated clean room for the tableware production. Integrated product design, mould development, mass production, printing, packing and delivery, Tair Chu provide our customers one stop shop service to simplify their process. Our team also work closely with our clients to develop innovative product to satisfy customer 's demand at the retail level for creative and value-add products.

Look to the future, Tair Chu will keep embracing new technical challenge to help our customer fulfill their ideas and striving for sustainable development and our customer commitment, superior quality, on-time delivery and promptness in customer service based on the present foundation.


Product Certification

Payment Details

  • Payment Terms : TT ,L/C

Last Update : 2019-04-25
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