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Supercritical Extraction Oven System

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Key Features


A. System Requirement

   1. Power supply: 110V, 16A
   2. Driven air: compressed dry air or general air (5~8 kg/cm2)
   3. Cooling water: ≤5℃

B. Detail Specifications
   1. Operation temperature: room temperature ~240℃ (max) .
   2. Temperature control: heating rate ≧10℃;Oven temperature can be cooled down from 200℃ to 50℃ in 30 min.
   3. Output pressure: 1500 ~ 10000 psi
   4. Operation capacity: High-pressure extraction vessels with size ranging from 0.5mL to 1.0L can be installed in OV-SCF and exchanged as need.
   5. Double extraction loop: capable of 2 extraction set.
   6. Extraction mode: continuous or batch extraction.
   7. Cleaning method: capable of solvent injection device.
   8. Flow control: tunable control with display of gaseous CO2 flow rate.
   9. Safety protection system:
      a. Alarm of over-pressurization
      b. Alarm of operating timer
      c. Emergency stop and automatic gas-cut device for over-pressurization
      d. Pressure relief valve (full port type)
   10. Certification: IEC61010-2-010(2nd Ed) for use with IEC61010-1:2001, certificate number:97-0768.

C. Option Device and Item
   1. Digital pressure control module. (1500~10000 psi, depends on pressure of driven air)
   2. Solvent injection Pumps.

D. Suitable Users
   1. Chemistry/chemical industry laboratory.
   2. Specialized research agency.
   3. RD department of chemical engineering or food factory.

E. Application Scope
   1. Supercritical or liquid CO2 extraction.
   2. Heating of Capillary Column or Chromatography Column 

F. Service Item
   1. Signal adjustment and calibration.
   2. Instrument maintenance and repair.

Product Certification

Last Update : 2015-06-24
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