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180mm plastic tube

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180mm plastic tube


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Key Features

180mm Pellets Extruder
Machine Configuration & craft :
1. Color: Main body: Milky, shield color: yellow,
Processing craft: 110L Kneader with inverter------ bucket conveyor------ conical force feeder----KS-75 twin screw first stage extruder------Force feeder between twin screw extruder and single screw extruder------180 single screw second stage extruder---- hydraulic plate-type screen change-------air cooling die face hot cutting system------- cyclone III------- vibrator screen----silo
1. Model KSMN-110
2. Working volume 110L
3. Output quantity 120-150kg/batch
4. Operation time 3-5 batch/hour
5. Driving motor power 160KW “SIEMENS Beide” brand motor , 160KW ABBinverter
6. Tilting motor power 5.5KW,
7. Tilting angle 140°
8. Front rotor speed 42 r/min
9. Rear rotor speed 33r/min
10. Overall dimension: L*W*H/mm 4100*3000*3700mm
11. Weight 14500kg
Detail specification:
(1) Machine body:
A. Base: The base is welded and processed by I-beam steel and steel plate.
B. Working chamber: The middle trough is welded by steel plate; the outer wall is equipped with electrical heating; the side wall is weld by steel plate and then processed, design of a water jacket cooling layer.
C. Mixing shaft: #45 shaft core , blades are welded by cast chromium nickel titanium and then processing. The shaft core and blades are hollow, through the cooling water.
D. Bearing base: The base is made of steel plate , using the spherical roller bearing.
E. Frame:Frame is welded by steel plate and then process.
F. Feeding device: With back feeding device;, Pressure: 6-8KG/CM2
G. Leakage-proof device: mechanical seal
(2).Pressure boost device:
A. Pressure boost cover: It is made of steel plate, design of the water jacket, connecting the cooling water. Put pressure on the raw materials in the mixing operation, the air pressure cylinder for vertical lifting action. Mixing contact part of do the special wear-resistant materials processing.
B. Air pressure cylinder:
Pressure: 6-8KG/CM2
(3) Discharge device:hydraulic turnover
(4)Transmission system
A. Main driving motor: 220HP(160KW)
B. Belt pulleys: The transmission between main motor and reducer is the belt pulleys covered with protecting cover.
C. Reducer: The use of a single output, full closed, the oil bath type gear reducer.
D. Differential gear: The front and rear stirring shaft is equipped with differential gears, and then covered with closed protecting cover.
(5) Pipes

A. pipes in air compression: Compressed air fittings (three combinations, solenoid valve) and mechanical piping.

B. heat & cooling: The mixing chamber is electric heating
Side plate for cooling pipes;
mixer shaft for cooling pipes;
The general inlet and outlet pipeline size is 21/2’’
(6) Electrical controller
a. Motor start-up the circuit,
b. Temperature controls the loop, manual/ automatic control circuit.
c. All necessary push buttons and switch.
180mm Pellets Extruder

Last Update : 2019-03-28
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