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Wireless TPMS by JOSN Electronic

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 21 September 2020

JOSN Electronic Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997. Over the years JOSN has grown remarkably and has become one of the leading Wireless TPMS experts in the world.

In addition, JOSN Electronic Co., Ltd. is cooperating with Taipei Metro that produce and offer only the highest quality wireless data recorder.

JOSN is launching the one of kind tire pressure monitor product called Tire Pressure Vibration Monitoring System; TPVMS is mainly to assist the driver to monitor tire pressure constantly. As for tire tread, tire crack or fetal tire deformation it requires visual inspection. Under normal tire pressure does not mean there is no crack, no deformation, no stitching: normal tire pressure is just one of the important sectors of tire safety, is not the only.

JOSN is an advocate for consumers to inspect other parts of the vehicle on a regular basis. Especially enough tread, rim deformation, loose steering, shaft distorted deformation disc brakes, brakes overheating, ball joint aging, tire cracks and tire deformation, which are all important when vehicle is on the road. Proper tire inflation pressure is critical to the proper operation of a commercial vehicle. Correct tire inflation reduces tire wear, increases fuel efficiency, and leads to fewer roadside breakdowns due to tire failures.

JOSN is offering a wide range of TPMS products including compact cars, motorcycle, commercial vehicle, truck and trailer from 6 tires to 36 tires, all wireless. Also, JOSN offers TPMS products for gondola, ferry wheels, and metro. Tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) monitor pressure and temperature, for each individual tire using various sensor locations and warning methods.

In most cases the system will transmit the data and display it to the operator and/or fleet. The TPMS monitors each tire based on a pre-set target pressure, and issues alerts based on the difference between the target pressure and the actual measured pressure in the tire.

Based on JOSN’s corporate philosophy of continuously providing high-quality products to customers, JOSN Electronics has the core of research and development technology, researches numerous wireless transmission technologies, and develops vehicle safety applications and communication related products, including Tire Pressure Vibration Monitoring System (TPVMS). JOSN takes quality as priority. The company’s tire pressure monitor system helps to reduce tire cost and enhance driver safety.

Source: https://www.josn.com.tw/Index/
Rita Chen(rita.chen@taitra.org.tw)


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