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Wind Chimes Bring Success to Your Career

Source: Dionysus Artcrafts Co., LTD. | Updated: 23 July 2021

Wind Chimes Bring Success to Your Career

Wind chimes can help improve different faces of your life, including your career, fame, reputation, energy, income, wisdom, relationship. You may ask why this is, and how? Well, here we have the answers for you.

Before learning about where to hang your wind chimes, lets talk about the characteristics that make a good feng-shui wind chime. Any wind chimes you select to hang for a feng-shui cure should have metal tubes that produce a clean, clear sound, use five tubes to represent the Five Elements, and have a pleasant appearance and match your home decoration style. In this case, deep tone wind chimes are a good choice. Their thick tube walls create a calm sound and often come with five tubes. You may also consider wooden wind chimes (with a wood top and aluminum tubes).Wood material goes well with most decoration style, and with waterproof treatment, they can also be used as an outdoor wind chime.

Hanging a feng-shui wind chime in the right place can resolve harmful feng-shui. A front door that directly faces a staircase may result in money rapidly leaving a home. Hanging a feng-shui wind chime in between can slow the flow of chi and improve your finances.

If you can see your stove from the front door, the feng-shui could create dangerous chi that provoke fights, arguments, and accidents. Place a feng-shui wind chime at the front door or over the stove to counteract these negative effects. Considering that hanging a wooden wind chime over a stove could result in fire safety issues, I recommend a glass wind chime or a crystal wind chime. A glass wind chime has a stained glass sail (tubes are still aluminum of course, they produce clear sounds), which is fireproof. On the other hand, crystals are formed in an environment that is 550~600°C (1022~1112°F), which is way over the temperature of your stove. Therefore, a crystal wind chime (which has a crystal as its sail) is also a good choice.

Wind chimes hung in the fame and recognition area of the ba-gua(when you lay the ba-gua over a single room or your whole house) can help enhance your reputation. If you hang you wind chime in the wisdom and learning portion of the trigram it can promote clear thinking.

If you feel tired even after waking up from a full night's sleep, and have already ensured your bed is in the right position of the room, hang a feng-shui wind chime in the center of your bedroom. This can help fight depression and give you the energy to pursue your goals.

These are the tips of wind chimes in feng-shui remedies. The right sounds can effectively adjust the chi of a space. By hanging wind chimes in different areas according to ba-gua, they can bring positive affect to your life. Hope that this brings help to you!

Are you still seeking for a wind chime? Dionysus Artcrafts is a specialized manufacturer that makes wind chimes that improve feng-shui in your house.
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