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  • What can we do to improve your life during this COVID pandemic time?

What can we do to improve your life during this COVID pandemic time?

Source: TIA ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. | Updated: 05 May 2021

Green-Tak quick change nano water purifier for home

Green-Tak green concept nano water purifier

How does COVID impact the business and economic? What can we do to improve your life during this COVID pandemic time? 

Green-Tak introduces new Nano X-Plus water purification technology for drinking water purifier.

Effectiveness : Green-Tak introduce new NANO X-plus water purification technology on its nano water purifiers that could purity even better quality of drinking water by removing bacteria, chlorine, pesticides, organic chemicals and heavy metals, but remain keep the minerals and trace elements in the water.

Efficiency: Green-Tak nano water purifier are designed with quick change filter types which enable you to easy DIY installation, easy filter replacement maintenance and at the same time, saving the time and bills.

Green Concept: Green-Tak nano water purifiers are no power & electricity required and no wastewater too, conform to its green concept: “Stay Green Stay Pure”
Find out more about Green-Tak NANO water purifier, contact us now!
The global COVID-19 pandemic has brought about an enhanced awareness of the importance of good health. 
Green-Tak has focused on one of the most essential elements of good health—clean, fresh water. Nothing says “sustainable” more than being able to produce pure water. As their tag line goes, "Stay green, Stay pure".

Green-tak has been researching water treatment equipment for many years and is acutely aware of market and customers’ preferences. The nano water purifier, for example, removes impurities and provides pure drinking water in the absence of external power input. No electricity required!. The unique design allows easy disassembly, enabling every consumer to quickly replace the filtration consumables. Great for the kitchen or even the bathroom. The user friendly and minimalist design perfectly reflects the company’s "stay pure" brand declaration.
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