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Wentai Exhibits The Most Efficient Titanium Power and Bluetooth Smart Lighting Solution in ICT VR Pavilion

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 11 January 2022

From Dec 2021 to Oct 2022, Wentai Technology will be showcasing the most efficient Titanium PC Power and Bluetooth 5.0 Smart Lighting solution at the Taiwantrade ICT VR Pavilion.  

The VR Pavilion creates a seamless immersive digital showroom experience that brings product details with 360-degree interactive photos. It also provides a virtual match-making event where buyers can book one-to-one video meetings, which enables a quick and direct communication channel with Wentai Technology.

The ICT VR pavilion is designed with three themed halls includes Electrical & Electronics, Consumer Electronics, Sound Innovation zone. These advanced ICT technologies and products are from Taiwanese manufacturers and project teams with extensive industry experience. At the Wentai Technology VR Booth (in the Electrical & Electronics zone, and Consumer Electronics zone), visitors are able to find 1616W 80 Plus Titanium PC power, 240W LED driver, smart power plug and IoT Bluetooth smart lighting applications.

Wentai invested in smart lighting research and development six years ago, launching LED lamps that support Bluetooth technology, and Bluetooth bridging products that link IoT applications. Consumers can easily control the brightness and color of the light and adjust the desired lighting scene by using the mobile APP. In addition, customers can also choose other Bluetooth control devices (Bluetooth remote control, Bluetooth one-button switch) to control the lights. The easy-to-operate Wentai smart lighting solution allows customers to enjoy the convenience brought by IoT technology, and improves energy-saving efficiency.

Since 1983, Wentai Technology has been providing customers around the world with excellent power supply and smart lighting solutions with continuous innovation in research and development capabilities and stable production quality. Wentai not only meets customers' OEM and ODM customization needs, but also becomes the best supporter for brand customers' success.

ICT VR Pavilion: https://ict.taiwantrade.com/home.html
Wentai Technology: https://wentaitek.en.taiwantrade.com

Kai Chiu (kai@taitra.org.tw)


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