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Source: WEI SYUN INDUSTRIAL COMPANY, LIMITED | Updated: 19 February 2021

Evaluation functionunitTest methodAccording to specifications
water resistancemmH2OCalculate the maximum number of centimeters (mm) of water per square centimeter (mm) area that can withstand without water penetration. The larger the value, the better the water pressure resistance (water resistance).JIS-L1092 / FR(JP)
AATCC-127 / FR(US)
ISO-811 / FR(EU)
Moisture permeabilityg/m2‧24hrsCalculate the difference between the weight of the vapor-permeable cup before the test and the weight after 24 hours after the moisture-permeable cup is placed under the set conditions, and calculate the moisture permeability. The larger the value, the better the moisture permeability.JIS-L1099 / FR(JP)
ASTM E-96 / FR(US)

Ret m2/Pa‧WCalculation of the water vapor barrier, the smaller the value representative of the penetration of moisture resistance smaller fabric material, have a relatively good moisture permeability more.ISO-11092 / FR(EU)
Water splashRate 1~5Splash water beading on treated surface of the garment and rolled, so that the table cloth will not absorb moisture and become heavier, and more preferably breathable. Tested according to a certain temperature, washed a number of times determined splash durability grade, grade 5 is the best.JIS-L1092 / (JP)
ISO4920 / (EU)
With current technology in Taiwan, waterproof & breathable fabrics made by lamination can possess a hydrostatic pressure endurance of at least 40,000mmH2O (ISO 811), breathability of at least 20,000 g/m2‧24hr (JIS L1099-B1), and a RET of 6 m2pa/w or less. Their counterparts made by direct coating can possess a hydrostatic pressure endurance of at least 10,000mmH2O (ISO 811) and breathability of at least 10,000 g/m2‧24hr (JIS L1099-B1).

Water vapor resistance, Ret :

Ret Water vapor resistance, Ret (m2.Pa/W)GradeClassification
6≦Ret<134Very good

Water resistance :

Hydrostatic Pressure(mmH2O)GradeClassification
15000≦Hydrostatic Pressure5Excellent
8000≦Hydrostatic Pressure4Very good
4000≦Hydrostatic Pressure3Good
2000≦Hydrostatic Pressure2Moderate
300≦Hydrostatic Pressure1Fair
General requirement for pretreatment - Choose the proper general requirement according to product end-use
ItemRequirementTest method
Washing durabilityEvaluate the appearance after wash first. No damaged appeared, determine the hydrostatic pressure. Cycles of washing decided by the type of textileISO 6330
Flexing resistanceEvaluating the appearance after 2000 cycles flexingISO 7854
Adhesion strength200 g/cm upISO 2411
Edited : ACOTEX Fabric Talks
Info source : Taiwan Functional TextilesIntroduction
From : What are Waterproof and Breathable Fabrics?


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