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  • TLC fabric was selected by the APRIL 2020 PERFORMANCE DAYS Digital Forum

TLC fabric was selected by the APRIL 2020 PERFORMANCE DAYS Digital Forum

Source: TIONG LIONG INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. | Updated: 06 August 2020

Gradient yarn with mint antibacterial treatment fabric


Due to the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the 2020 April PERFORMANCE DAYS exhibition was cancelled. The organizer alternatively set up a digital fair event on the official website and held an online forum on functional fabrics. One of the Focus Topics is ”INSPIRED BY NATURE – FROM FIBERS TO GREEN TREATMENTS". After collecting and evaluating the fabrics from various manufacturers, the finalized fabrics are categorized into specific categories, such as: grassroots, middle and outer fabrics, etc., with detailed material introduction and description of applications. Brand customers were invited to browse these fabrics online. It is a great honor to announce that TLC environmentally friendly gradation yarn plus mint antibacterial treatment fabric has been selected to the forum-BASELAYER (fabric can be applied on skin).

Selection category: BASE LAYER

TL0JK020 is weaved by environmental protection gradient yarn with mint antibacterial treatment.

Material description: In addition to use GRS certified yarn; a single dyeing process is used to create a rich gradient color of fabric appearance. The single dyeing process reduces the pollution and makes gradient yarn to be more eco-friendly. In addition, this fabric added natural antibacterial treatment: menthol and other ingredients which are extracted from peppermint oil. It not only has permanent antibacterial effect, but can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria and odor, which can provide consumers with a safe and comfortable of wearing experience.


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