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The New Star from East Rift Valley of Taiwan, Citron Daylily

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 11 January 2021

East (Huadong) Rift Valley is a linear shaped lowland lying between Central and Coastal Mountain Ranges. There we cultivate the most pollution-free and high-quality agricultural goods in Taiwan.

Living in the Rift Valley, we cooperate with excellent farmers and the production/ sales teams of the farmers’ association that has passed food safety certificate. To make it easier to identify our products for friends who love Huadong Rift Valley’s agricultural goods, we jointly establish a benchmark brand that provides carefully chosen Rift Valley products.

"Huadong Hongxuan" regards our own responsibility and dream as "to let East Rift Valley be known to the world." Under consideration of many parties, we decided to start from the most representative and prominent cash crop in Huadong, "citron daylily", to build our reputation step by step.

To fulfill our dream, Huadong Hongxuan strictly controls the quality of /crops, insisting on selling pure, pollution-free, and chemical-free citron daylily from Yuli Chike Mountain and Fuli Liushishi Mountain. Combined with local tourism resources, citron daylily is more than a tasty ingredient on a dining table; it also represents our local culture and diverse industries.

The success of citron daylily has given HUADONG HONGXUAN a firm stand in the market. To promote the sales of agricultural products and let more people know the beauty of the land and cultural heritage, HUADONG HONGXUAN is committed to integrating our resources, cooperating with industries, governmental organizations, schools, research institutions, and the society.

Thus we develop diverse products such as Liushishi Mountain Citron Daylily Gift Box, Chike Mountain Citron Daylily Tea that helps with sleep and Chike Mountain Citron Daylily Facial Masks with beauty effect, etc. By our endless efforts, we hope to add new values to the crops, bring glory to the land, and present Huadong, the citron daylily, and HUADONG HONGXUAN to the world!

Source: Huadong Hongxuan International Ltd. https://www.hdhx.com.tw/
Lillian Lee (lillianlee@taitra.org.tw)


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