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Taiwantrade Returns with Popular Livestream at Food Taipei 2020

Source: Taiwantrade | Updated: 04 December 2020

Taiwantrade is delighted to announce its participation in the upcoming Food Taipei 2020 event. Following the success of last month’s Health & Medical Livestream, Taiwantrade will return with another highly anticipated livestream, where host, Grace Huang, will catch up with five popular local food brands. In addition, companies from across the country, Taiwan, will showcase their high quality food products from Dec 17 to Dec 20, 2020 at the physical event.

Join Taiwantrade live from the Taipei Nangang Exhibition center on Dec 18 to check out the latest tasty products. Viewers can expect products with a distinctly Taiwanese flare - be it Taiwan’s beloved bubble tea courtesy of Chen En Food’s black tea and Li Cheng’s tapioca, or Sunright Food Corp’s tasty range of noodles. So whether you are looking to discover tasty Taiwanese traditions or check out the latest food trends, you’ll be sure to see something you love.

The livestream will be posted on a dedicated event page, so that those who can’t attend the event will still be able to check out new offerings from the platform’s biggest sellers.

The livestream is part of Taiwantrade’s continued efforts to introduce global buyers to the platform’s products through virtual means - making it easier than ever for customers to discover their new favourite brand.

"Livestreaming enables us to overcome the problems posed by physical trade shows - namely, time and space,"says Taiwantrade. ‘The livestream can be watched after the event, maximizing exposure. Not to mention, it’s more engaging than other marketing assets.’

Check out the confirmed suppliers below.

Chen En Food
Founded in 1983, Chen En Food has over thirty years of experience in food production and supply, and is a self-proclaimed "bubble tea expert". Accordingly, their Tachungho Smart Factory was designed to enhance bubble tea production and satisfy global food safety standards. They look to continue the global adoption of one of Taiwan’s most iconic beverages.

Sunright Food Corp
"One should not eat to live but live to eat" is the ethos that Sunright Food follows. No wonder, then, that they have such a broad range of products - clocking in at over 1000 different food items. Established in 1975, over forty years of experience in the field ensures every single product is of the best quality - from vermicelli to oil.

Gem Crown Enterprise Co.
Founded in 2018, beverages are Gem Crown’s expertise. Whether it’s Taiwanese Oolong painstakingly cultivated in the mountains, or something a little harder hitting, like black tea liquor, this company looks to quench whatever kind of thirst customers may have with Taiwan-produced drinks products.

Li Cheng Biotechnology Co., ltd.
Founded in 2014, Li Cheng is a first-class food research and development company with years of experience in developing innovative food technology. Known for its bubble tea products, Li Cheng aims to provide high-quality food to satisfy the changing eating habits. Get your bubble tea ready in 3 minutes with their tapioca boba.    

Puly Co.,ltd
Craving for some Asian flavors? Puly has some of the best sauce, such as tea seed oil and goose fat, that will quickly add extra flavor to your noodle dishes. Creating certified organic food is the core of their sustainability commitment. By obtaining Halal certification, Puly aims to expand its market potential by satisfying the needs of global buyers with its tasty food products.

 Stay tuned to Taiwantrade for the latest livestream updates.


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